Havoc planning ECC replacement

Talk to havoc

i’m not doing anything anymore.

I think you should so this…ECC shouldnt die…Plus you know I’ll show up and help you out plus I’ll help of course with the SNK lol…

i say do it at TGA. That place is really the shit. Even though RI is closer to me, i woulndt mind banging out a 4 hour drive to TGA.

How packed is TGA and are the machines in good condition? The Break and Nickels are always wall-to-wall for majors :frowning: Plus arcade tourney = stick troubles + whining. I’d def vote for FR-style ballroom.

But if your scene is as small as you say it’ll be hard to run a major without local support. I guess it’s pick your poison. But as long as you can confirm enough TVs from locals + travellers, def think about ballroom.

colin …ST

tga’s machines are all in mint condition and are fixed within minutes usualy if something happens stick and button wise

:wgrin: Breaksteaks please. :wgrin:

:wonder: Someone page Jetphi :wonder:

tga was the shit i only went their once cuz the drive was so long but hell ill make it out for one more if this happenes :slight_smile:

Get TGA to transport cabs to the ballroom!! Best of both worlds!

I concur.

Also, where’s the HnK love?

Since where were you in charge Colin?

Me and Gavin are discussing TGA related events so id appreciate if you stop giving people ideas until we know our options.

since when am i in charge? in charge of what dude? tga? the north east fighting game scene? when have you ran tournies in the past 2 years bro? there is NO community in the north east really… so someone has to take charge some time. If i don’t then who will? You? Why would you do a better job than i would? Just cause you’ve been around longer?

stop giving people ideas? fine i’ll just run it at my school, no big deal. no tournies are happening at TGA anymore anyway. gavin and i talked today about the state of our community and what TGA is going through and the options ANDY himself is thinking about. Gavin ain’t running shit… so you mean you are talking to gavin to get andy to let u run shit?

why are you trying to single me out for trying to support the community? do you wanna do it your damn self? why can’t we both do what we can for it?

seriously nestor… what the fuck.

whats good with…BACON!!!


Umm… animosity aside, I’d like to throw C3 into the list of options.

I PM’d Nestor, but he hasn’t responded yet. I just think C3 is a great option as a midway point for the ENTIRE East Coast, as opposed to just the Northeast.

I think TGA is a great choice also, simply by virtue of the fact that it’s an arcade. It’s location is a problem, however. Both because it’s far from most of the EC, and because it’s far from any airports, and public transportation in general, from what I hear.

I don’t know anything about URI, besides that it’s in Rhode Island, which is enough of a problem in and of itself…

Although, a tournament in the far Northeast would be better for drawing Canadians…

I don’t know.

I think that something definitely needs to happen Memorial Day weekend. I’d be willing to do whatever to help out, obviously up to, and including, running it myself.

c3 plz!


And here I thought Bacardi was getting ready to run his own deal too.

TGA is out because it’s going to be fucking impossible to hold a major in that location, I’m sorry. It’s one thing to get there (uggggggggggggggggggggggggh), it’s another to find housing for the possible 100+ folks that could show up there.

i think i’m gonna have to agree. esp when it comes to things like food. despite how godlike that exclusive chicken+curry is, with hundreds of heads at tga and no nearby food spots(as far as i know…) it could be bad.

Yeah, the venue is godlike and unrivaled on the EC, but everything else just works completely against it.


Best state for a major would be NY/NJ area just because of how easy it is to get to.

I have to agree TGA is the shit second to FFA in the Nation but what kills it is the location

the reason why the Break or C3 would be better choice is cuz of their locations

Trust me the community is willing to travel for tourneys but going to TGA is a ways off for most people Master Chibi has to go through a lot just to get there

i don’t care if i run it or not… just there needs to be something somewhere.

i just know i can get the venue FOR FREE… if it’s at URI…