Hawaiian EVO Seed Finals - @Loft Chinatown


1st - Josh P (Blanka) - EVO Semifinal Seed
2nd - Shigz (C. Viper) DQ
3rd - DJ-B13 (Sagat, Cammy)
4th - Wang (Akuma)
5th - Dagger_G (Guile, Seth)
5th - YK808 (Chun-Li, Gen)
7th - Bleed (El Fuerte)
7th - HollasaurusREX (Sagat)

Level is crazy here. We’re doing some serious damage at EVO.


7th - HollasaurusREX (Sagat)
I hear this guy choked.

Royce is still my favorite player EVER.


Good shit brian with 3rd place. :tup:


good to see someone repping the wild animal~ sup wang and shin?


How did the viper player get disqualified?


Accidentally pressed the pause button.


I think it’s good that we only had one double of a character.

Yay for last place!


You can always jam another time. :sweat:


He was too badass for the competition.


pressed the start and that resulted in 1 round dq, gave josh 3/5 matches he needed to win.


I just came here to say Hi to JJJ…

and say what the hell to Shigz DQ???

And lastly, good shit guys. LOL…

EDIT: Fucking TIM!!! Representing Gen Cayetano!!!


Good Job Brian! :tup:


nah Tim used Chun mostly.

But yeah Royce was sliding across the buttons when he got thrown and his hand went over the top of the stick and hit the start button. :wasted:


Who did Dagger G lose to?

Do you guys have vids of any of the matches?


Dagger G lost to Dagger A and Dagger X.


Street fight for hunger Finals 7-5-09

Round 1

Dagger G > Jamgief

Josh P > YK808

DJB-13 > JBmoney

Dan Hibiki > Dark Yun 888

Winners 1

Shigz > Dagger G

Josh P > Bleed

DJB-13 > KOG777

Wang > Dan Hibiki

Losers 1

Dan Hibiki > Jamgief

YK808 > KOG777

Bleed > JBmoney

Dagger G > Dark Yun 888

Winners 2 (Semi finals)

Josh P > Shigz

DJB-13 > Wang

Winners Final

Josh P > DJB-13

Losers 2

YK808 > Dan Hibiki

Dagger G > Bleed

Losers 3

Shigz > YK808

Wang > Dagger G

Losers 4 (Semi finals)

Shigz > Wang

Losers Final

Shigz > DJB-13

Grand Final

Josh P > Shigz

Street Fighter IV
16-man bracket

1 Josh P
2 Shigz
3 DJB-13
4 James Wang
5 Dagger G
5 YK808
7 Bleed
7 Dan Hibiki
9 Dark Yun 888
9 JBmoney
9 KOG777
9 Jamgief

The vids will be up soon at http://www.youtube.com/HIvideogamingleague


what is josh p’s full name?


Mr. Wizard: Joshua Pryor

GGs to all at the tourney, was a harrowing experience.
Especially ggs to shigz, just straight skill.
Wang, you especially rocked it this time.

Tim, hell, fukin tim, you know.

Peace to everyone else.



Good Shit Brian, I’ll see u at Evo!


at least now when i lose to you guys, i won’t feel as bad since you are the “best” on the island for the time being. congrats and represent us well at evo josh! show em your ring of power…lol

edit: also, what about the 5pm second place tourney?