Hawk at Evo?

I’ll be attending Evo for the first time this year and I’ll be maining Hawk w/ Ryu as my alt. pick if I get a terrible matchup like Dhalsim. I’m poor with Ryu, but OK w/ Hawk.

So who’s bringing their Hawk game!?

I will be there. Dont know if I’ll switch for guile/sim/blanka yet.

I’m going to be there. I’m running with Hawk and no one else, matchup be damned.

That’s what I wanna hear! Dunk on every fool you see at evo! I just hope ya’ll don’t get place in the same pool or some stupid stuff like that.

LMAO - Hawk vs Hawk for 4 hours…

I like reading this thread and pretending I have a fanbase.

lol nice

im expecting at least 1 T.Hawk player at Evo, maybe 2.
not because of matchups, but just on the basis of T.Hawk’s popularity

Good luck to all attending EVO. Would love to see Hawk get some love and some wins.

Hawk all the way!