Hawk @ Evo part 2

Who’s going ? I’ll be there. Pool 10.

Pool 43, and I wanna see a trail of bodies left by Hawk! Let’s Go!!!

[]Super Street Fighter IV
]Station 6, Friday, 02:00 PM
Pool 63

Good luck to all Hawk players, and the most important thing, HAVE FUN!

I’ll be watcing all the pool play for SSFIV on friday, I’ll look out for you guys on the stream. Good luck proud Thunderfoots! go rep some Hawk x]

Good luck guys, I’d love to see a Hawk in the finals. What Pool is Hungbee in btw?

I won’t be there, because I’m a broke college student.

Good luck to all the Hawks in Vegas this weekend!

Station 5, pool 62, 2:00 pm…OH YEEEAH!!!

I wasn’t broke till I booked this trip. Friggin grand total
$1042.67. TOTALLY worth it.

Last I heard Hungbee wasn’t registered. That was like 2 months ago, maybe he changed his mind.

OK it’s a sign that I should use Hawk.

There’s a real Hawk trainer in our building courtyard with 3 Hawks being used to scare away seagulls and pigeons. No joke.

Goodluck to all Hawk Players. Prove to everyone that T.Hawk isn’t a T.Suck! :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to make the tournament to play but I will be at evo. Hopefully I will get to meet some of you guys. Good luck at evo!! Remember to just have fun, evo is a tournament but its more for the experience and to get to meet the community.

Have fun guys. Evo is pretty big but don’t look at it as some kind of huge event. Just think of it the same as you would anything else. Just relax, keep your mind straight, SLEEP etc etc.

My thing is just that I want to see as many of you there.

I wish I could be there; Ive been on point the past month and a half but unfortunatly I had job training this weekend so I had to cancel last minute.

I had something else to say but you guys will be fine.

Yo Hung. Do me a favor, at evo. Tell I Peru that I said he is garbage- He will know what I am talking about.

I-Peru?? Elf player right? I played him at westcoast warzone this year. He was pretty mad after I beat him. lol.

Good luck to all the hawks participating. I’ll be rooting for you if you make it onto stream!

I’m in pool 75
Station 18, 2:00PM pst
I believe Momochi is in my pool, I can’t wait.

I’ve spent the past 14 hours watching this stream, and not once have I seen a T. Hawk.

As they say “I am disappoint”.

No t.hawks can beat fei long or yun sorry to disappoint.

I agree with this. Alot of people used to think that Hawk was some kind of counter to use against Yun, but now I’m convinced that Hawk is actually at a big disadvantage in this matchup. I think the main reason why people thought the T.Hawk vs Yun matchup was good for Hawk is because of Hawk’s big damage potential in contrast to Yun’s low health and stun. Hawk loses this matchup because he’s just so limited compared to Yun. Yun has a solid answer for just about everything, while T.Hawk has limited answers for many situations. This matchup is definitely not a Blanka level matchup in terms of difficulty, but it is pretty hard.