Hawken - Mech FPS

Just wanted to shed some light on this *indiegame *that’s in development and soon to be starting their early beta phases. The art of the game is said to be influenced by old animes such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira.

Anyway, I think the game deserves some more attention as it’s being developed by a very small team with a limited budget, and yet the early footage looks extremely good. Feels like a breath of fresh air after being oversaturated with “realistic” FPS games for years now. Hope some of you appreciate it.

It will be strictly multiplayer as they want to focus on one thing and do it well. Instead of halfassing a singleplayer campaign, but considering what kind of forum this is, I don’t think you guys will mind that at all.

Here’s some early footage of the combat!

So this first link is a referal link that helps me out a bit in recruiting for the beta as it’s tied to my account that I signed up with. If you don’t feel like it, use the second link below.