HawkEye BnB Techniques - Backdash inputs, Landing the Ice Arrow

Hi All,

Working on Hawkeye’s BNB and I have seen much discussion on how to properly land the Ice Arrow into relaunch. Apologies for not putting this in the combo thread but thought I would break out the suggestions I saw here into a unique thread. Landing the ice arrow looks to be a staple of his damage potential.

Curious as to what the best way is** in the corner.** Looking for a sort of best practices type deal.
(All options assume you delay the:h:, :s: of the air combo to allow yourself the most hitstun/time)

Looking for someone to vet/criticize if I have anything wrong

During combo neutral jump in the air and hold back, this allows for the correct spacing on landing for an easy Light Trick Maneuver into Ice Arrow due to drifting back in mid air.
(haven’t tried this myself)

I have also heard claims that Hard Trick Maneuver into Ice Arrow works in the corner, but doubt this myself. Thinking that the Forward/Hard trick maneuver into Ice Arrow is for the mid screen spacing variants only.

Land, Dash backwards and immediately perform Light Trick maneuver into Ice Arrow. I have tried this myself and the timing still seems too tight for me to hit consistently in the corner. Am I performing the dash inputs correctly? Or is there someway to buffer/cancel this to make it happen even faster.

(been watching some of combofiends video’s using hawkeye and his backdash into light trick shot looks much faster then mine)

The inputs I do are as follows…
Upon landing I immediately input:
Back+:atk:+:atk:, :qcb::l:, :m:
Any techniques to make this all come out faster and land that ice arrow in the corner reliably?

Thanks for the help!

the nuetral jump/jump back after launcher works well.

what i do is wavedash back twice and cancel the end of the second wave dave into light trick Maneuver into ice arrow . If youa re in the corner

all you need is a back dash and to do his backward command jump you will nail it everytime

You can also delay your hits a bit in the air, it makes landing the followup a lot easier if youre closer to the ground when you do the S. Give you plenty of time to just backdash and do the ice arrow without having to rush too much.

I was messing around in training mode and noticed that light trick shot into poison arrow was hitting at point blank range in the corner. You just have to cancel the poison arrow immediately after doing the trick shot. QCB+A > Double tap A. You can follow that up with a gimlet because its an otg.
Not recommended if you’re just a few hits into the combo because there’s obviously more damaging options, but sometimes shit happens so its good to know IMO.

I plink dash twice backwards, then once forward because I am a beast.

Fucking hell.

You don’t have to backdash.
You don’t have to neutral jump and control your descent.

You just jump backwards on the first launcher. Works on everybody, including Rocket Raccoon (though combo timing is more strict), and is much simpler.

Jumping backwards gives you room to OTG with whatever you want, including Shock Value. Which you should never do, since it does less damage than Ice Arrow and deteriorates hitstun more due to it’s multiple hits.

PS: If for some reason you want to Shock Value OTG, it doesn’t work on Rocket Raccoon.

You do realise of course that sometimes (meaning extremely often) you won’t START the combo ALREADY IN THE CORNER right? But you’ll end up there?

shock value OTG is for when you catch assists. ice arrow will only otg one character at a time.

To land the Ice Arrow I´m doing neutral jump and delaying the air combo a little. If you get the timing right you won´t have to backdash.

No reason to dash at all to land arrow OTG’s in the corner

So regarding this, I’ve found this is where I need to backdash:

If I start midscreen I don’t backdash, no need during the Ice arrow. If I carry to the corner though and am thus unable to do the jump back method, I dash back after the second knockdown before doing poison arrow—>Gimlet. Anyone know another way to do this consistently without dashing back?

Also Hard trick manuever into Ice works if you start in the corner if you just hold your super jump up back, as many people have said in this thread.

just dash back. it’s not hard to do and it works every time.

When I hit the slide,S I super jump back slightly not toward opponent M,M,H,S then trick violent fizz. I have never backdashed in combos once since using hawkeye. Play with it, its very very easy.

The second slide leads both of you to the corner. Then S launcher but make sure you super jump backwards SLIGHTLY not full back or you wont hit all the hits(MMHS). There I mostly end with light trick violent fizz but hard trick works as well.

All you have to do is back dash. before that just make sure you delay the air combo a bit so that the Trick Maneuver L+ Ice Breaker hits and your able to slide to extend the combo. You can also neutral jump(but for me anyway) is very hard to do when your coming from mid screen and your ending up in the corner. I also found that in the corner you can do a Trick Maneuver M, then delay the Ice Breaker as much as possible and you will connect and OTG your opponent, enabling you to finish the combo. The timing is really tight but it is possible(I also haven’t tested this fully against the whole cast).