Hawkgirl help

Always been a big Hawkgirl fan and after trying her out I’m rather disappointed. I just got the game two nights ago finally and I dunno. Here’s my problem with her
Mace Charge totally unsafe on block
Mace Throw has too much start-up not making it very reliable for keep-away same can be said about her air one.
No low options for combos it seems
Has wings, but no air dash when Killer Frost does and she can’t even fly, wtf???
Her flight just seems so slow in general, and cancelling flight has so much recovery
Even though she has a mace, her range is pretty meh imo

She doesn’t seem that mobile, can’t excel at long range, and has no options or so it feels to me. Am I doing something wrong, did I miss something? Any good vids/players out there?

Hey glad you picked up our Paragon Shephard :smiley: I do have some things to help out(I also reccomend going to her topic on TYM)

I can imagine, unlike some characters controlling her takes a lot of getting used to, but it’ll pay off in the end. I also Play Adam and Lobo and I must admit, Adam just gets me free wins online and adjusting to online Hawkplay isnt easy :frowning: Stick with our girl though, you’ll come to love her :smiley:

It actually isn’t, don’t believe there lies! I know the data says -55 but it appears to be a typo(MB one is totally -55 though, don’t burn on block) Both air and grounded version are about +1 on block, tested it with a mate of mine and she can actually jump just a smidgen sooner than a hawkgirl on block after it.

Do remember you can charge it, dash cancel it and throw it upwards. On block its pretty much safe, but whiff you’re in trouble. Air one is far more reliable in many situations but getting used to varying between them all is very important.

b22 can then be cancelled into specials. as b23 leads to overhead its a decent mixup. Combined with her very good d3 you want to train opponents to block low so you can get overheads.

trust me once you get used to fly(forward fly is much faster than backwards fly) You’ll understand its to not make her too powerful. Don’t be too jelly of renegade Shepard, she might have the safeish slide and airdashes, she has issues all her own.

Only on her main combo starters, her d1, d2 and d3 are all quite phenomenal.She can’t have everything :3 Do note that you can fly cancel every normal she connects(except d3) for combos or mixups.

Its just to getting used to her and all her unique properties. Trust me she has all she needs right now. Cancelling her ducking normals(d2 AA cancelled to flight for fun combos :3) to wing evade/flight/mace charge allows her to be a considerable footsie menace, combined with a good forward walk and fast forward flight and divekick this girl can be a serious pain.

I loves her <3

I’ll take your word that she isn’t some crap low Dan tier or something.

What are good bnb combos to start out with for someone who is new and still not used to the extended combos?

What of these flight cancels, any examples?

Any examples of her wing evade mix-ups?

How should I manage my meter with her?

I will admit she isn’t easy to pick up and play, but her tools once familiar and memorised in ya muscles you’ll start to love this girl gameplay style as well. Raven and Lantern are 2 of her biggest concerns as they make her not want to fly. You still can, just not all the damn time like a lot of other matches(poor grundy).

123 into whatever. Seriously it is an almost immediatley recovering launcher. Best one is b3 of course for the damage it gives, but is the hardest to connect, this isn’t no green Lantern EX lift to b3 XD It’s close range and a slow startup(her normal 1 is 13f high, really slow, so mostly for punishes that are close), but this is the best damage start. Easy followup for still nice damage is 32b1.
Her basic close mixup is b22(low and you can cancel into specials) and b23(overhead,you can followup with a d2 for simplicity, much beter stuff here though but harder)
Her simplest stuff to use in footsies are all her d’s though, d1 or d2 have great range and can be canclelled into flight or wing evade(you use evade if people mash d2 on flight cancels, not entirely safe on block but on hit you can combo into flying 23)
Also about wing evade you have the 3 followups(1 right now is useless unless vs other hawkgirls 13% up mace, 2 is an overhead with small bounce so can combo after and 3 is + on block and is just fantastic, but whiffs on crouchers.), but you can also cancel into flight to start mace tossing again.
Her d3 has great range and is only -9 on block, so when hittting them with it from far distance not even Lex can punish it(mid and close hits he can)

d14 or d24 are the main ones. However this don’t leave you at much of an advantage on block as doing 24 or b224(and even those can’t avoid reversal corps charge from Luthor, but that hitbox is huge, you can immediatley divekick or press 3 and it will beat the corps charge, but only ) so wing evade is better(but not vs luthor, that thing is just that great) On hit though you can start comboing into 423, or if you get your opponent to respect you to not push buttons thanks to wingevade you can then block cancel to fly and get above there head for divekick shenanigans.
She can flight cancel a lot of normals though and some leave her at great advantage(not d1 or d2, but they have the best range to do them from afar.

I hope all of that made at least a little sense :s

Save it for making Mace tosses safe. Though if you hitconfirm a mace charge you can EX it for extra damage and then fly cancel it for aerial mace pressure.
ground mace has the great ability to aim it up as well as to aim the ex section. You can toss the mace up and ex straight ahead, do both up(ex up launches for further combos) or mace straight ahead and ex up to catch someone jumping over the mace(if they duck it and are close ex straight, its safe on block)

I don’t use super much, but it is an 8f(but its overhead and can miss certain low hitboxes) super and can punish a lot of unsafe stuff if you really want to.

have fun with her :slight_smile:

im not sure if it helps but i have a pretty good success rate with using her down 2 as an antiair. also utilize her dive kick. something alot people dont realize is that her dive kick is damn near broken. you dont even have to jump hi to do it, and as an interesting cross up i usually jump hi over the opponent and when im a lil bit behind them(in the air) , i’ll activate flight (in the air) and quickly move back towards the direction i just jumped from in mid air and then dive kick.

B23, d2, WE3
b23, d2, MC MB
3, MT MBu, b3, j2, 32 MC

B22, WE2, b1, WE3, 32, MC MB, flight, 2, d2
112, f3, 33, 32 super

Meter management should probably be used for MC, making MT safe and B3 armor on wake up.

To me, Hawkgirl should be used as a hit and run/keep away character, until you force your opponent into the corner and then break them.

WE2/3 are both safe and can be used to apply pressure and get out of situations and still hit the opponent.

Flight cancels off of specials are to keep her in the air and move her around. Air diagonal mace throw is your friend to frustrate people like killer frost who can never hit you and if they dash under, use her air D3 as it tracks and is quite the ambiguous cross up. Fly to a space where you can hit your opponent, but they can’t hit you.

Up close, d1 is your friend and can combo into WE3 which throws the opponent into the corner. D2 has great range and leads to WE3 or MC MB.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Play hit and run. Stay unpredictable. Use D1 and then immediately do an air D3 very low to the ground. You’ll be amazed at how often it hits.

Yo, this s DancingFighterG. This might be stupid question but what does the following stand for:


HC - uh I think that was a fuckup on my part. It was supposed to be “MC”

MC - Mace Charge
MB - meter burn

Still using meter for super. Sorry, I don’t see the point for MB Mace Throw, I usually use it full-screen so a MB would whiff the follow-up dash since it covers like half-screen at most. Plus, full-screen mace toss seems to be safe anyways. Meanwhile, MB Mace Charge well takes precise timing/positioning in combos for it to not whiff and is not safe on block. In the meantime you don’t use Mace Toss for combos, let alone MB it for in combos. I really only use the meter burns if the initial hit connects and the MB hit will win me the round, otherwise I stick with super. I suppose it’s just my play style

Plus, her damage combo potential is kinda meh and a MB only tacks on like 3 or something % more damage so I kinda don’t see the point. When I found a few decent combos into super…

-Jumping 3, juggle with crouching 1, super
7 hits, 44% damage

-Standing 1, 2, 3, juggle with standing 2, 2, super
10 hits, 41% damage

-b + 3, juggle with jumping 2, super
7 hits, 41% damage. You could land a do her 1, 2, 3 combo into super but only get 1% more damage and only give the opponent more possibility to clash

-Wing Evade (2), juggle with Standing 2, 2, Super
6 hits, 41% damage - good in her WE mix-ups especially since this one is an overhead

-Corner, Standing 1, 1, 2, juggle with standing 2, 2, super
10 hits, 44% damage

-f + 3, juggle with standing 2, 2, super
7 hits, 41% damage - another over-head option to land a super

It just sucks she has no low options to land a super. But do not put a crouching 2 in any combo to super. Hell dont even do the two-in-one, it scales the damage horribly. The two-in-one actually does less damage than the super does by itself.

Came across this combo

Which I found a bit pointless. Juggling with the b + 3 is extremely difficult, I’ve done it but it takes precise and quick timing, including the range on that move sucks. Plus, w/o the jump-in this combo does roughly the same amount of damage as the above combos I have. It looks cool, but good luck in a match or especially on-line in pulling it off.

MB Mace Throw is to keep the toss safe at a range other than full screen or to tag people who jump at you and the throw misses. Also, the MB is +14 on block if you do it from the ground. The real hidden usage of MB MT is mobility and moving around and getting in. Air MB MTs are your friend for setting up your frustrating hit and run game with HG.

MB MC? Well, yeah, you pretty much only use it for combos. Although you can flight cancel the MB version to stay in the air and if your opponent is slow to punish, you can Fly 2 them or divekick.

Do what you want obviously but most HG players use meter for B3 armor, clashes, MB MTs, push blocks, and confirm combos into MC MB.

Yeah, that combo blows. But most combos into super aren’t worth it. ESPECIALLY with HG. Unless you’re gonna end a match with it, you shouldn’t blow a full meter on a 40%-46% combo. The most I’ve seen/I can get is 53% in the corner…

B22, WE2, B1, WE3, B1, WE3, f13, f13, 32, Super.

But even that… there’s no point when you can just keep going f13 until you reach 43%+

Combos into HGs B3… you might a well not even try. And most places you can fit 123, B3, you can do 3, MT MBu, B3 but it’s still hard as fuck.

3, MT MBu, B3, J2, 32, MC does 45%. But HGs B3 is tough as heck to connect with. Too many start up frames I guess.

F11,4 (move down and forward), 12,4 (flight cancel) Super does 46% and is a pretty good punisher if you wanna use super.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

I really only use combos that push people into the corner though.

Well I get the mobility and getting back in with MB MT but still, most combos that you can use MC you can’t use MC MB it just whiffs. I guess I just like the super combos cause it’s guaranteed just about, no clashes.

What about wake-up? When I wake-up I usually do MC which works most of the time it seems.

Against waking up opponents I use her b + 2 mix-up.

Any suggestions or better recommendations? I’m still not used to how wake-up plays in this game.

Well MC is pretty much the way to go on wake up. Its not a cure-all of course. Jump-ins beat or trade.

Nothing wrong with blocking and then pushblock.

B2 series is good up close. Especially because it’s range is shit. I like to WE3 after a sweep, and time it so that you go past the opponent and their wakeup attack misses.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

You may fly too far past them to punish the whiff with anything but a MC though.