hahah at second post, aw that sucks at first.

Why did you feel the need to make this “behind their back” thread here?

behind their back? I just linked you guys. Inadvertent effects are all you, this time.





high class[/details]

Stay gold ponyboy

Ponies are for Jabronies.

why you guys all distracting me I was not even here this whole time.

Out Collecting Kuroda’s story. But that’s neither here nor there, and everywhere in Japan.

This is a pony free zone. Lets keep it that way.




your favorite pet peeve, low forwards anonymous



aww shit exactly like Dander make you watch a full 3rd round you never had to waste time on.

My Fave, cr FIERCE



oshit he did it in the right range to end the match. Too bad. Ryu wins since he was doing it for the whole round after Ken showed me.

1 button teaches a lot of things. You ever get beaten by a better player with just 1 button, then they do it 3 more times after KO and you feel stupid!!

i love low fierce. but it’s often suicide against ken unless you’re using it as an anti-air.

close fierce is king. i am king. gg.

He beat Shoryuken with it @0.12 :eek:

Fixed #2. Amingo green related, username there. Business, mannn

It’s like looking at the Tumblr page for someone on Meth.


link us to your facebook, please. I’d love to like and poke someone new.

I don’t understand why this thread was made.



Dander, are you on a Tampon high?

bc hax normally posts here and attention was brought to him. It’s like your friend telling you, “hey did you hear Dander won the lottery?” from one of the other 3s forum posters.

i was summoned here.
that’s real creepy.

^^Last but not least lol.

An old buddy of mine is getting hitched and tells me that a conservative estimate for a basic but decent celebration is like $40K. They both have large families but damn that is a hunk of bacon.

Engaged yet Tebbo?

That was in your dream Sean.




oh my gawd, Shoryu Cannmnnon invincible again

Sonofa bitchassness

1st day back on the xblox, too quick on the trigger. Uploaded a Ibuki vs Hugo. megan AZ, you know one of ReNiC’s many gf’s probably. The real name was, win last round Ibuki crMK vs nu-something Hugo.

Just looked for any way to cancel by going back to the dashboard. Oh yeah, lose the replays for the day for exiting the game. Maybe it got sent to Mars. AKA apple DOJ. :cybot::crybaby:<–alien mouth, not what its name emote is: “crybaby” okay that looks, not right.

Make her dad pay for the wedding, not you! :wink:

Dander posted to the wrong topic, here is a badly written explanation: