Team anchor. :smokin:

I would go 1st with the jungleness, STOMP & CRUSH bring up the on base chances, SHINSHO and OBLITERATION take it home for us if they knock down our pins up front.

I might as well ask this here because, well, you all appear to be as inebriated as myself.

Why does Tapatalk fail at getting to the 3S forum? I only get on SRK on my phone so I usually have to watch latest to get into 3S posts.

(How’d you get in here?) Akuma Hax left the door open. I see all the porn laying around, I know what yall do in here.

gootecks got those deals on porno, for no dough at all.

something to do with being relegated to the “Strategy Zone” sections?

Where nobody dare look. Except SF X Tekken is in here with us too now, over there.

Seems to be a
Known problem

Them dudes panhandling by the door? Must be hard up, I hear it runs your credit card when you burn a meter. That last DLC musta been rough, couple of them don’t even have shoes.

Also use the “Watched Threads” thing in your user profile whatever.
If that’s on the phone version too.

That guy doesn’t even exist.

That guy exists. Prob plays a good Ken, called you noob dander for not reading that crazy sentence the right way. From Ken’s perspective. Maybe you were never Ken anyway!


JR gonna beat you up dood.

WTF is this “mentioned in thread” crap?


Dalph Nader?

Wow, just found out right now.

“Boogers” is an offensive word to the SF3:OE match server uploads.


10:30 edit
just saw a guy named


Stay offline. No, but seriously whe are you coming back online? I just saw some of your matches and it was astounding just how much like my oro your oro played.

Cross post, turn on your XBOX

Played all day, was not fun.

“Robot Makoto”



what does she say during MK, "HAET?"
1st breaking the 3 min mark match for me?


sean jokers, 20 yr old young ppls on this forums.

Parry Police.





I can only do this (easy 2) one, not, 7~8 Chuns

Don’t know how to Ibuki anymore. But I never did.




EX KILL them back. Crazy ninjas flying all over the place.



My Oro got beatup by dash around Ken.
I have a stun, I don’t know how to max punish with SA2 there… dropped many gutter balls. And then they turned into eggs and broke. Gutter breakfast trash. :sad:

I have homework. I’ll get on aim if you guys wanna help me finish it and then we can play.

Besides, it’s my birthday. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for posting the video of me playing a character that I’ve used maybe ten times in my life. Means a bunch.

GGs tonight.

It was to showoff my terrible use of Super (to attempt to counter) your Super.

LV 2. My favorite Oro Super. Kinda looked cool to me, and Aegis faded away finally when you landed. Or maybe not I should go back to SF4 with that Gahbage.

And all my wasteful terrible flying around EX, special move only mode.


Had the 1 idea to beat all our throws in close, Urien standing HK

I shouldve saved all my Ryu winning outright controlling things, when I did slap myself in the face, “Time to get serious”-Hakan. Making fun of my Dudley is okay. You have the better MP x Super confirms. I have stupid flowcharts for online junglebook. But go ahead and take from me to HP vs HP wars in Dudley mirror. 3/4 screen footsies.

i think i was dumped for akumahax.

Outright controlling? Thanks, I needed a laugh.

I would say, “Hey, let’s have a Ryu s Dudley slug off and enjoy ourselves like normal people do”, but according to your Xbox live message last night, “we should no longer play each other since you don’t like my style.” I didn’t know we were dating. Sorry.


stupid angry letter, shouldn’t have wrote


Connection bad. I don’t think its worth it to play.
-Never see the 3 frame throw.
-Cross up Ryu MK, no histun for close MK, HP?
—I get Makoto thrown, on hit deep?

Jump in HK nonstop Dudley even if I cross counter it, fishing?

I don’t like this: "Just do whatever, because lol online"
So since I’m saying I don’t like your style, I said feel free to not like mine too.
But also I might be playing your way, to match your speed and jungleness as online goes sometimes.

And you agreed. I gave you a slight, you can give me the same slight back, not discussing other points all mad and crying like “one upping.” I won’t write what you said, out of context. Nobody else needs to get involved.

Did I win all of those or not. I know I did. You should know my main by now. Those were the only ones I won, you won equal or more everything else. But who the hell cares who wins online.

“Style”=dating okay, well you must have many japanese boyfriends when you watch their matches on the youtubes? o_O

You sent a 2nd "Friend Request"
After I politely declined the 1st, someone didn’t take a hint.:wink:

Part of that was stop messing around on the characters select screen for all 30 seconds. I don’t care about counterpick, but the sound going between characters nonstop is grating.

Also said thanks for all the games to end one message,
have fun out there vs other players. the last one.

this isn’t LouisCipher tier:

Urien stand HK,

was 2 hits once, parried 1st and blocked the 2nd :eek:
does hit crouching characters as overhead, even Oro? :eek:

So, even if done meaty its kinda slow. Hit them with something fast.
Or be a bold ass player and walk up enough to be in throw/karathrow range.

Its not “unthrowable” even though it feels like it sometimes. He just moves his sprite / hurt boxes back a little bit

someone is upset.
get a grip wives and girlfriends (of footballers) 313.