HAY GUYS what happens when you google your real name?

i get my website

some other crap too


i registered the domain name because my cousin married a girl with the same first name as me. at a family reunion she was talking about registering austinmccree.com and i decided i didn’t want her to have it. so i made the site

but she’s only been married for 2 years and more than half the results on google are about her instead of me. fuck she must be a better person

i’m sure you guys have more interesting stories than me so please share! :china:

Your websites are funny.
I don’t get anything interesting though.

Yes! Lol!!!

i found my win in the ontario HS chess championship almost a decade ago lol

I get several pages of hits for my name, mostly cause I’m internet famous. That and I write now and again.

Just a shitload of Lance Corporals and Petty Officers.

I had someone with the same first and last name in this sports thing I went to in like 95. I found out because when I paid they counted it for him. There was also another person with the same first and last name in my school. When the internet came out, I Googled my name and found out two more people with the same first and last name in the city. I hate having such a common first and last name.

Australian of the Year.

I also average something like 6 points and like 2 assists in some random basketball league, with 66% made in free throws.


I get a guy who’s a freelance web developer and lives in the same city as me. o_O Maybe I should pay this guy a visit…

I get a motivational speaker and a psychiatrist

I get a bunch of shit from myspace and various forums I’ve been on, :lol:

My research papers pop up.

Jesus Christ…I found one of my old submissions to playstationcheat.net…god was I nerdy

“Meryl will call one of the dogs and they will do their thing on your cardboard box”


i get an inker for marvel comics, who’s worked on stuff like Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Ghost Rider, IronMan and more.

Andrew Stevens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My radio license and the test list for male birth control >_>

statistics of a boxer whose records are 1 win - 9 losses - 1 draw. what a pussy.

I get my website, flicker, twitter, forums i’m on, mentions, design work… I have a unique name. Covenient.

My twitter, and then my facebook. Unique names are unique.

You can’t /thread your own posts. gtfo

Some lawyer from Texas and some guy who works at google.