Hayabusa Stick + 2lb Spring. Do I need larger actuator?

First things first: Hi SRK community! I’m new here! :slight_smile:

So I got myself a nice Hori RAP 4 Kai and ordered some nice goodies to mod the stick:

2lb spring
Octogonal Restrictor Plate
Start Button
Face buttons
Stick bubbletop

I didn’t think/know about a larger actuator and reading online I kind of regret not having ordered it.

Is the bigger actuator “a must”?

ive read that the kowal acutators can be easily grinded down, I would check out Paradise arcadeshop. The acutators are not a must have.

It’s more of a preference really. By having a larger actuator you could decrease the distance it takes to activate a direction’s switch (engage), or the distance it takes to hit the gate (throw). Having a smaller engage from a larger actutator does make for quicker inputs, but at the same time it requires tighter execution and may result in unwanted inputs if you are not accustomed to it. Throw is more preference to how far you want the joystick to travel, but I prefer smaller throw.

i like my current setup of

hayabusa + octogate (focus attack) + 3lb sanwa spring (paradise arcade shop) + 0.5mm oversized actuator (paradise arcade shop)

i feel it’s really responsive and the way i want it, except its not completely silent. i’m gonna try an omron switch mod on the hayabusa soon.

my suggestion to you is first try the joystick in stock, and see how well you perform the commands you feel are the hardest. once you can reliably perform them stock, and in long-term you observe that you miss the command because of x or y factor, then you can start modding from there. if and only if you should mod your joystick when what you feel is second nature is failing due to the joystick properties. nothing on a joystick instantly improves your execution – it’s really for the 0.005% where you want your joystick to be reliable.

Getting used to a joystick stock is always a good idea. You can then modify it to fit your needs once you get used to it and really get a feel for it.

Thanks a lot for your answers and recommendations