Hayate FADC lk.karakusa question



I have been using makoto for a few months but I am far from considering myself proficient with her. I abuse this combo quite a bit at times with mixed results. I am hoping that someone more knowledgeable can educate me in regards to this move.

What is the frame difference in executing this on hit vs block?
What are my opponents’ reversal options?
Is there any advantage of using ex hayate or ex kusa with it?

For those maining her, do you even use this?

also. if my opponent is trained to expect this, is there an alternate action I can take to mix them up?


Not a combo

If HP Hayate hits your opponents options (for Ryu) is jump, backdash or uppercut. LK Karakusa will grab before any normals or other specials can become airborne or reach active frames. EX Karakusa will whiff if you hit with Hayate.
If Hayate is blocked opponent can do whatever they want (except Hadoken) and it will beat normal Karakusa. EX Karakusa will absorb any normals the opponent does and grab the opponent (not if move goes airborne quickly like EX Tatsu for example, EX Karakusa will lose to normal throws).

So Hayate (on hit) FADC = go for LK Karakusa, Hayate (on block) FADC = go for EX Karakusa.
EX Hayate FADC Karakusa will not work for obvious reasons. :expressionless:

Hayate FADC Karakusa is usable but only rarely, pretty much only use it on hit though. If you hit another Hayate and decide to go for FADC you can block and punish whatever opponent does (which in Ryus case is only 3 options from what I can see).

Also, Q&A thread is just above. :slight_smile: