Hayato command throw



Does anyone know about the Hayato command throw? Its performed Back, Forward + PP. It has no range, but deals 20 damage (to normal damage takers) and opens the enemy up for juggle opportunities. Has anyone seen/used this before? Thank you for replying.


Yep, I’ve used it quite a few times. I usually follow with a launcher into jab, short, strong, forward, fierce, roundhouse. Nice damage for a grab. Anyway, most people follow with Engetsu which isn’t bad either.


Um, you can do four things worthwhile off the command grab.

s.Hk (one hit) xx B Hayato
s.Hk (one hit) Shiden (one hit) xx Engetsu
c.lk, c.Hp, lp,lk,lp, lp Guren xx Plasma Field

Best way to pull it off is to tick into it by PP dash Byakko Hou
(PP b,f PP) it’s real easy.


I think that it’s better just to launch the opponent after the grab command without the OTG cr.lk. It is just as easy and they can’t roll out of it. Also, ending with fierce, roundhouse hurts more than lp Guren XX Plasma Field, unless you want a chance to land a free super, of course. Dark Hayato beats out a lot of stuff (e.g. fireballs). Most of the time, however, it’s risky to go all out against Cable or Sentinal while you have Plasma field activated. If you feel lucky, then go ahead.


c.hp after the Byakko Hou is harder to time than c.lk, c.hp. I generally do it too late, and thus it doesn’t launch.

I can’t seem to time even one fierce or roundhouse after a Byakko Hou air combo. The timing seems much different from a standard air combo.


Lol, try harder. I find it really easy to get the launch for some reason. And the air combo…hmm. I haven’t played this game for a while, so I can’t help. But it IS possible! Anyway, try ending a normal aircombo with fierce->roundhouse too. It’s really worth it.


They’re just ideas. Besides, if you do it right, the c.lk juggles, there fore, no rolling. Besides, s.Hk (one hit), Shiden (one hit) xx Engetsu is a better option for the most part instead of an air combo anyways.



I agree. Ground combos are the best! Watch out when you reach the corner though.

Sometimes, if you do it wrong, like OTGing with cr.lk after Ken’s Shoryureppa, the opponent will automatically roll ending all your combo possibilities. That never happened to me with Hayato though cause I always just launch. I’m not sure if that’s a problem. Probably not. How often do you land a grab command anyway:D


Pretty much never. People run too fast for Hayato. Best way to land it so far is to like, have them block a jump in, then PP dash in and do the command grab. Oh and doing the Air Combo is what you do off the command grab if you do grab them in the corner.



It was a joke. What I really mean is that nobody can connect the grab command in a fierce match anyway. Might as well connect a raging demon:confused:

There are other things that I would like to discuss and share about strategy so, umm Bojack, could you have the honor in starting a new thread on Hayato strategy?:smiley: