Hayato Tips and Tricks by Higher-Jin

Alright I’ve been messing with hayato alot lately so I’ll make a small thread with a few tips and tricks on who I consider to be a pretty underrated character.

Tip # 1:
Know when to use the command throw and how to do the command throw.

First execution wise the command throw is tricky, and if you fuck up you’ll do a plasma sword super with a pretty laggy recovery at the end. Here’s my break down on the throw:


B, F + PP. Sounds simple right? Except if you’re sloppy you’ll get FUCKED UP. My advice is to think of the command as almost a back, up, foward + PP. Really all you want is the control not to get a down input when you do the throw. This method probably works better for people using controls and not joy sticks. Remember to only graze (if that) the up, you don’t actually want to input a up command, you just want to stay the hell away from down.

Landing the Throw:

It’s pretty hard. Three things are going against you: 1) The throw is close range 2) Hayato is a poking character, so it’s odd for him to be at such close range.
3) The throw has some start up.

It’s still pretty useful, especially as a surprise move. However, getting in throwing range can be tricky. Here are my favorites:

a) Dash in standing lk, throw
b) Fake jump in HP or HK, throw
c) After assist, dash in throw
d) After flying screen, throw (BEWARE OF ASSISTS!)
e) Dash jump over opponent, Sword Dive (D+HK) miss and throw. (use assist for coverage)
f) In corner, HP Throw, (wait till they land) command throw

Most of the other ones are pretty assist dependant, and involve throwing them right before the assist hits.

Comboes After Throw

A) Go straight into qcf+KK super
B) Dash, d.hk (juggle otg), qcf+HP (one hit) xxx qcf+KK super (recommended)
C) Walk foward, c. HP (launch) into magic series ending with HP --> HK
D) Same as C. but end with LP or HP uppercut xxx qcb+KK super
E) (Corner Only) walk foward, c. HP (launch) into j. lk, j. mp, j. mk, HP uppercut
xxx qcb+kk super (HP uppercut hits them up higher and lets you juggle them upon landing) when they land do c. hk (juggle) into B. Hayato (lp, hp, back, lk, hk)

Those are the main comboes and I’ll talk about execution tricks for doing the b. hayato during a hard combo next.

Tip # 2: This isn’t really neccesary, but some people want to be flashy and for that I suggest learning how to do B. Hayato in comboes. It can be hard for some people, I personally was having quite a bit of trouble with it, but you really don’t even need to be exceedingly fast to pull it off. However, B. Hayato comboes are tricky enough that I would not rely on them and would limit my use of them as much as possible.

First combo:
b+hp, lp, hp, lk xxx light double slash (one hit) xxx b. hayato

This one is kinda tricky, but there’s a easier way to do it other than frantically pressing buttons. There’s a reason why we’re using the light double slash and that’s because we are going to use the lp from that input to finish the b. hayato button sequence (lp, hp, back, lk, hk). However, the trick here is to use the negative edge of the lp and not the lp itself to do it.

[Quick definition for those who don’t know what negative edge is:
Negative Edge - In capcom games when you press a button it counts as a input. However, when you hold down and then let go of a button it counts as another input.

For those of you new to the concept try this in training mode:

Pick Ryu, hold down lp, do qcf then let go of the lp. A hadouken should come out as if you pressed it.]

Anyways, the way the combo will go is like this:

<plasma string> lp double slash (hold down the lp) a half second after you input the command you let go of the lp button and input the rest of the command ( hp, back, lk, hk. )

It should come out more reliably then.

Second combo:
(Corner Only) walk foward, c. HP (launch) into j. lk, j. mp, j. mk, HP uppercut
xxx qcb+kk super. When they land do c. hk (juggle) into B. Hayato

This is mainly about the sweep into b. hayato part, which is also useful if you’re in infinite super mode and happen to land a command throw. Basically the trick is to input the b. hayato command immediately after pressing hk. With most moves, you can usually see some kind of hit confirmation or at least the start up of a move. Not in this case. Maybe I’m just slow, but the only way I can do it is if I assume the c. roundhouse will hit and start inputing the b. hayato command before the c. hk even starts up.

If you can land it after a qcb+kk air combo though, you can easily net damage of about 125 pts. on someone with 100% stamina.

Tip # 3: General gameplay.

As with any low tier you need patience and good blocking skills. Use your long reach and moderately strong air normals to your advantage. Know your character in and out and play to his strenghts. A good chain is: b. hp (plasma chain), lp, hp, lk. If you don’t hit and want to be completely safe you can just stop right there or even after a lp double slash in most cases, if you do hit you can do a lp double slash into a qcf+kk super for around 73 damage.

Another good bnb is max range c. lp, c. mp, lp double slash. If it’s blocked no big deal, but if you hit you can cancel the first hit of the slash into the qcf+pp super at max range.

That’s all I got for now, good luck!

I just started using this character, I like he’s range on normals and his QCF+KK.
I had a question, is the double slash move you’re talking about the QCF+P move?
Also I was trying out his dash-in HP cross-up thing, I dashed, called tron then pressed HP, it seems to work well on the computer.

QCB+KK is a good DHC move, esp. with Storm and Sent.

I always pick hayato as my lead off guy and know quite a few chains/combos/etc.

Sent is my back up but I can never find that “third guy” to complete my team. Ideas?

capcom or cyke works good with sent.

What bout’ hayato? He’s my lead off guy - I dunno if they work well with em’.

I’m thinking about using Jin…

Capcom should work fine with Hayato. Just use him to keep people off of you and use sent drones or RP for combo’s and setups. You can still use Capcom for combo’s though I just haven’t tryied these two yet.

ok, I’ll start using capcom aa along with drones.

anybody got any other people list em’ lol.

well you could use tron or doom aswell.

tron sounds like a good choice - don’t know bout’ doom cause hayato got insane lag in his moves/supers.

wondering if I should give cable a go.

he can also hit b.hayato after the command throw.

Byakkou hou, before they hit the ground s.hp xx b.hayato.

c.lk,c.mk,c.hk xx engetsu is a good combo overall.

My team…

I’ve been using Hayato for awhile, but I put him on the backburner to work on improving my Jill.

My Hayato team is:

Hayato’s “slow” combos allows you enough time to slap an assist button, which connect.

With Sentinel:
Dash in, c.lk, s.hk, call sent, hp shinden(hits once), PP super. In the middle of Hayato’s rushing combo, the drones hit for some extra umph. Hayato tends to be realllyyyy laggy and the drones cover you really well. With Sentinel on point, Hayato’s expansion assist starts on one side of the screen and goes juusstt about to the other side. If it hits, you’ll have plenty of time to pull off HSF and do the juggle pattern that everyone seems to be so fond of (or a rocket punch, or a hp laser, whatever you want.)

With Juggernaut:
(Hold back for plasma string combo) and do the following:
Hp, lp, hp+call Juggs, lk, Juggs hits. If Juggernaut is glitched, even better. If they’re blocking and Juggernaut’s attack is blocked, you’ll have a nice, ready Hayato waiting to cover for your assist. With Juggernaut on point, same story goes for Juggs as for Sentinel. Hayato’s expansion assist sets you up perfectly for a across-the-screen headcrush. It can be tricky with the heighths, cause if they’re too low they’ll block halfway through the headcrush and you’ll be sorry.

Hayato’s engetsu juggles your opponent across the screen. DHC into a headcrush and the opponent is at the PERFECT height for the most brutal headcrush. Make sure you mash for insurance.

The BIGGEST problem I have with Hayato is that I’m plasma combo happy. If the opponent is not completely on the ground when you tag em with the first hit of a plasma chain, they will be able to punish you EVEN ON HIT. You’re at a disadvantage if you connect a back+HP with an opponent not completely on the ground.

P.S. I also like Hayato with Cyclops/AA and Gambit/Proj.

My timing is a bit rusty when it comes to B.Hayato combos, I especially have to work on the corner ones harder after connecting a plasma field super.

hmmmmnnnnn…an easy way to combo b.hayato would be s.lp,s.mp,s.hp xx b.hayato. This combo gives u more time then the rest of the ground ones or u can do shirotora hou, wait hp xx b.hayato. It all dependes on the timing.

I usually use iron man (Beta) as my main assist for hayato. It pulls u closer and u can do engetsu or c.hp and take 'em to the air. B+hp is faster but i use b+lp cause of its range.

Timing is something I’m flat with hayato but this appears to be pretty easy.

I’ll try it out soon.

IMO, hayato’s a pretty good character. I don’t know why he is referenced as a low/bottom tier in the tier lists?

Well he has lag, and lag spells death.

His supers aren’t the best in world and his defense sucks (not as bad as striders though)

If your looking to kick somebody’s ass in style he’s your guy.


if u miss rasetsu zan then…

ohhhh wel, btw…if ur using sentinel, DDoom or Iron Man i suggest u to do shirotora hou during their assist and while their in the corner is the best.

OR engetsu in a corner. OR whiff a shinden. OR a guren.

DO NOT miss with Hayato. His combos give you enough time to think “am I hitting the enemy or am I whiffing” to stop doing them in the middle of your normals so you don’t have to continue your laggy specials and worry about them missing or being caught in lag.

Shinden is surprisingly fast and covers a nice amount of range. You’d be surprised what you can punish with it.