Hayato's Rushing Assist



The more I play around with this, the more I like it. It’s like a two-hit MvC 1 Psylocke with less prioty and ends with throwing the opponent across the screen. Still, look at all the good stuff it does:

  1. Free combo for Cammy/Mag/Storm/anyone I’m forgetting with a fast dash. If you’re playing rushdown, if you launch IMMEDIATELY after the second hit from the assist, you get the air combo (otherwise, the opponent gets knocked out of range) Hayato comes out with a short delay, so sometimes he’ll end up on the opposite side and hit directly from behind. If this happens, any character can launch/super because the opponent will fly directly into you.

The other day, I was messing around with Cammy/Hayato and I was surprised at how many free AC’s I was getting by dashing around, double-jumping and calling assist/launching. When he hits from behind the first time, I think it puts people in a defensive mode, so they try to think which way to block too hard (and forget to block low). Maggy/Storm would probably work better with their trangle jumps.

  1. OTG properties. Most characters can sweep, call Hayato and then capitalize after the second hit of the assist. In addition, Maggy/Cammy/Storm still get a free AC with a wavedash. I kind of like rush-down Cable, using Down-Roundhouse-> Hayato Assist -> 2 or 3X HVB.

  2. Nail helpers who land behind you. Not every assist does this, but the thing is that Hayato pulls them in front of you, so you can hit them. Nice for helper-infinites.

  3. Will counter inbetween normal attacks. Sometimes it won’t outprioritze the attack and get hit by itself, but other times, it’ll put you right back on the offensive.

The disadvantages are the crappy priority the attack has-You have to be careful to call him after an AAA or else, he’ll take a hit. You can pretty much forget him against Doom-MAYBE Tron, if you’re careful (VERY careful). Also, you need to strike immediately after the second hit or else the opponent will be out of range.

I’m experimenting with both Maggy/Cammy/Hayato (for rushdown purposes-Hayato can also set up a tag-in combo with Plasma combo lp, lp, lp, hk, lp, tag) and Hayato/Tron/Cable, because Tron covers Hayato’s ass the best on point and the above plasma combo hurts with the Tron assist (before or after-be sure to launch if done after though). The rushing special-> Rushing Super/Lunchtime/HVB is also good for 90% or more and of course, AHVB off the assist (or Lunchtime if you’re close enough).