Hazanshu armor break? (w/ video)


Has this happened to any other Chun mainers? During the 2nd, my opponent attempts to FADC my Hazanshu, which results in an armor break?? I realize its the first or maybe even 2nd frame of the FADC and if that’s the reason why it breaks, so be it…

It’s happened to me only a few times before (rare), but here is the video that makes me question the move. I did not see any posts concerning the matter and if its common knowledge then fine, but I think its interesting enough to share regardless.


you seriously made a post about this? certain moves will break armor if its done in the reversal window. thats all nothing more nothing less.

Any Reversal breaks armor, read the instruction manual that came with the game

This is weird to you? Is this like the first time it has happened to you?

Easy men :smiley:
I can understand him because chun li doesn’t reversal a lot like others characters.
So see chun li break a focus can be a surprise

its easy to get reversal hsu vs chun of a blocked ex legs, or in teh corner from a fireball spamming ryu

Wow. Love how several of you just jump all over the poor guy…especially you CLx. Jeez. Sure the question may not have called for its own thread, but let’s not act like we’ve graduated as the sole authority on Chun.

Its one thing to find something odd in a match and come ask about it. Its another thing when that oddity can be answered by simply reading the very book that comes with the game. This wasnt a “Why did this work? What’s the frame data on this?” Or “Why does this not punish this?”, it was something thats in a book that every SSFIV owner has. Thats the only reason why I made my comment

However, at risk of raising more hell… :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I right in thinking that reversal FB for chun doesn’t armor break? I have sold my copy of the game now, so can’t confirm again. Just something people should be aware of if they didn’t know (if I am right!) You can’t just walk up behind your reversal FB thinking its gonna break their focus!

P.S. Was this the same for all characters?

Why would you sell your copy?

only physical special attacks get armour break properties when used as a reversal. it’s the same for everyone.

Moving back home from the States. Don’t worry, it’s first on on list for when I get home!