HBCPGA.COM - Harrisburg, PA

I-83 & Paxton St
Harrisburg, PA 17111
(717) 564-0980
Check their website www.hbcpga.com for further details

There are several events going on here that are worth checking out! If you have friends that aren’t just into SF4, perhaps they’d be into some of the other games.

Tournaments are as follows:

Madden 2k10
NBA 2K10
Smash Brawl (Singles and Teams)
Halo3 ODST (FFA and 2v2)
Fight Night Round 4
Modern Warfare 2 (FFA and 2v2)
Street Fighter
Tekken 6

Last tournament had over 150 competators combined! Come join us in PA’s finest pro gaming arena!