HBFS 30 cherry actuation and durability of clears


They use the same cherry switches as keyboards which has a 2mm actuation (you have to press down 2mm before the button actually registers). When I press my sanwas they feel more like 1mm which seems like a draw back to me have to press the button down further… has this been an issue to any body? I love the reds for the keyboard but not really sure about buttons.

Also, question for people who have clear: has anyone taken these buttons in and out before more than once? I hear sanwa clears are brittle and the tabs snap and break easily when trying to take them back out, is this an issue with the HBFS also?


as far as clears go, I have installed/reinstalled a few personal sets quite a few times… never broke a tab. They aren’t in overly snug holes though. I have broken tabs on normal ones that were a little too tight holes. Nothing a touch of dremel couldnt remedy


I don’t want to dremel =/ What did you put these buttons into? Was it a TE and did you have to dremel it?


Put them in custom cases, TE’s, B15 sticks… I only had to dremel the customs a bit


I just snapped a sanwa clear tab on first removal from a Razer stick, which is not especially snug. It’s not a problem, the button still fits tightly.


I despise OBSC buttons.


It’s the plungers I don’t like.


It is one of the reasons why I prefer Seimitsu Screw-Ins.


Sigh… I just don’t think I’m going to like buttons that stick up too much D: There was a video on youtube comparing the 3 and you can see the seimitsu and HBFS both have similar heights both noticeably taller than the sanwa.

How does it feel like pressing down on the HBFS? Do you really have to press down 2mm before it actuates?


No. Cherry MX switches actuate about at the half way point.
Blues you will hear and feel the switch actuate. Browns you just feel the bump as it actuates.
Blacks and Reds have no tactile feedback, but they actuate at the half way point.


The clears are very durable. I got a few stuck in a plexi that hadn’t been made correctly and had to break it with a hammer to get the buttons out; as much as I prepared for it there were still buttons flying around and shit, it was a bad scene. Popped them in elsewhere and they didn’t miss a beat.


It wasn’t a TE was it? I have a plexi on my TE…


Nah, it wasn’t made by any of the big names.


just found this. i had a write up of it before but its nice to see it in action.


I posted my impressions on Cherry Switch buttons in the HFBS thread. But generally the extra actuation distance does have a factor. If you are so used to Sanwa and have as a result become light handed, you’re going to have to get used to the HBFS buttons by pressing harder/further. You don’t notice it as much by doing single presses or plinks, but more with double tapping.

I’m still trying to get used to them and many times I feel like I double tapped or pressed a button but it doesn’t come out as a double tap or not at all. Again, you basically have to press further as a result of the 2mm distance compared to Sanwa OBSF-30’s.

If you’re heavy handed anyway, the transition shouldn’t be as much of a problem.

All in all, if you want the most sensitive button and never want to complain about inputs not coming out, stick with Sanwa. There really isn’t much reason to go for other buttons unless you want less noise. But honestly you make buttons muddy when sound dampening and people can still hear your buttons if they’re right next to you.


Or go for seimitsu because sanwa can be too light? Sanwa style silencers that sit on the inside of the rim and make contact with the plunger do make the button feel mushy, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other silencers that don’t have a mushy feel. The kahunas from PAS are a good example; they sit on the microswitch and don’t get in the way of the plunger. While this may not silence sound from the plunger and rim making contact, it does silence seimitsu buttons. But it’s all the OP’s call, mushy or not thats up to him.

By the way I found it very interesting when you compared cherry reds in HBFS to a seimitsu button in your other post. Could you please elaborate as to your opinion of the button in comparison to a specific seimitsu button?


When I was comparing the HBFS to Seimitsu’s I was referring to the plastic build. The plastic seems more dense and is very similar to the Seimitsu clears. If you look at Sanwa’s the plastic is lighter or “cheaper” feeling than most other buttons. But I believe this has an effect on the feel. Generally, lighter plastic feels ever so slightly more responsive than the more dense plastic. Again, this is all opinion and what my general thought on the matter is, so take it with a grain of salt.


If I could get seimitsu buttons with cherry switches (hell, or e-switches) I would be a happy man


You might be able to get that before EVO.


Anyone willing to mess around with your HBFS-30s? I’m thinking maybe someone can try “padding” the point where the plunger meets the microswitch. I’m assuming doing so would depress the microswitch before you even touch it and maybe that’d be better for some people.