HBFS-30 New Color Release~All New Arcade Button~Update: 05/10/2014

Update: 05/10/2014
Thanks Guys,
We are very careful to respect each feedback.
Many freak fingers urged us to release color HBFS30.
Thank you for your patience and encouragement,
We like the colorful, but it must be special.
After careful consideration, we have selected four classic colors at first.
Red, yellow, blue and green with crystal texture.
Make up your Stick now.
Ready to fighting with your artistic sense.

Until 10/31/2014.**
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Pei Kao

Very coolness.

Agreed. I love the engrish so hard. The animations are awesome.

Could these be the new Cherry Switched buttons we’ve been longing for?

I might have to pony up :slight_smile:

I’m going to repost cuz i’m getting a woody for these lol

Time To save my marriage !!!

very interesting

I gave first $10 because you are a cool guy. My heart belongs to PS-14-G.

d3v can you post to front page?

you should put your video in the first post too


This is really cool, I’m going to put down for a set when I get paid, I do have one question though, if I were to donate for say “The Professional” would I be able to select the second type of switches? I’m partial to Cherry MX Blues

OMG!!! Will donate this weekend. Mmmm browns and blues and reds. Love this idea.

Will these come in different colours? And will they have options other then hex :stuck_out_tongue:

its like we can make real arcade keysticks now~

erm… will these be compatible with the standard quick disconnects? They just look like tiny JST crimps at the moment.

Project has to get off the ground and be popular first :slight_smile: So support!

Probably not compatible, or as compatible as .110 disconnects. Which is probaby why he’s including the QD’s with the set to start with.

This is really cool. Just had a look at your website and its interesting stuff. My only concern is the octagonal shaped rims as I feel it may cause abit of problems (visually) when you want the connectors lined up in a certain way. I think it might be better go with the typical round shape.

So basically, to put these buttons in a premium Hori stick (or any other stick that doesn’t use a QD terminal strip) you will need to completely remove the old wiring and solder the new wires to the motherboard.


I must be in the minority on not seeing the need for quieter buttons. I guess I don’t slap on them like other people do, I dunno…

That being said: I love this project! Although the lack of .110 qds doesn’t bode well for drop-in replacements, which is what 95% of people do.