HBFS30s won't fit?


A while ago, I bought 6 HBSF-30s. Just recently, I decided to put them in my MLG TE as my first mod. Got the top off, the first Sanwa button out and tried to put in the HBSF-30. I say tried because it wouldn’t fit no matter what I did. The tabs on the side were actually whittling down every time I tried to fit them in. Has this problem been seen before, or is this just how new buttons are? Or is this my problem, am I doing it wrong? I’ve searched around and found nothing.


Those buttons are notoriously tight. You need to shave the little bumps just under the rim of the button off with a knife or something. That should help. They will still be tight though.


Or dremel notches into the plate.


Just take a file to them, won’t take much to make them fit. If you don’t have a file or dremel you can go ghetto and scrap them on the edge of a concrete step. Lol