HBO Max Thread: Out now at $14.99/month - All 2021 WB movies will debut in theaters and HBO Max on the same day

Huh, they really are trying to keep this Potter train going.

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Has anyone seen an updated release date for the boondocks?

Dis gun suck

BUT we all know is gonna get crazy ratings…
I have seen grown ass men and women playing quidditch on a field with a broom up their ass

New HBO Max 2021 hype trailer…

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More Game of Thrones…


The Nevers teaser…

…about time!

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Now everybody watch the shit out of it to show there’s still interest in the character. Maybe he’ll get a movie or another show

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That is true, it is how we got that third season of Young Justice via Netflix hype.


Infinity Train Book 4 teaser…


The show is cool

I just want non fosters type of character designs

Is it me or does almost every cartoon these days have that same Steven Universe artstyle?

Nah it is it

I liked it when cartoon cartoons all were different art styles

I do love me some we bare bears though

A lot of current or recent successful western animated shows are being done by folks who worked on/inspired by Adventure Time or later Steven Universe.

I gotta get around to watching infinity train book 3.

Book 4 being totally uncertain was pretty worrying, but it seems like it worked out. So that’s neat. :slightly_smiling_face: