HBO's True Detective


The lives of two detectives, Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, become entangled during a 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana.


there is already a thread nigga…

show is allright. not a MINDFUX but allright.


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Man this show got pretty sickening to watch, but I couldn’t turn away. Great finale, I hope we don’t wait 2 years for the next season.


I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know how they’re going to top Mconaughey and Harrelson next season. Everything was executed pretty much flawlessly(Camera work, acting, story, direction). They really used the “time jumping” storytelling technique effectively in a way that so many movies and shows have failed. The final confrontation was amazing. I think its on another level of television. Even if the next season is ass this season of true detective stands alone as a great work of art.


Is anyone watching the 2nd season right now?


Holy shit there is a thread… there goes my master plan of making one this week nevermind* :confused:

Yeah I’m watching, I know there are another couple that are too. Is there a lot more stuff happening this season than last or is that just me? It could be because I’m rewatching S1 and I know where the plot is going but it seems like they’ve introduced more ‘threads’ in these two episodes than they did last year.


Yeah I’m watching it. And holy shit did they really just do that?
Huge Spoiler:

[details=Spoiler] How can they kill off the top billed actor in the second episode?

Either Birdman was using rock salt in the shotgun, or the rest of Velcoro’s screen time is going to be in flashbacks as Ani and Paul investigate his murder and uncover his connection to Semyon.

I mean, he’s gotta be dead, right? A shotgun blast point blank to the stomach is going to end you.[/details]



[details=Spoiler]He’s not dead. Somehow. Rock Salt is the leading theory, which is something I had never heard of. I just don’t believe he would get off’d so quick.
From the post credit teaser[details=Spoiler]One of the suits says “shot my man” not “killed my man.” Plus there are commercials with Ray that we haven’t seen in the show yet.[/details]

This season is sex-centric without even much nudity, outside of Caspre’s decor.[/details]

The music/lighting/mask in that scene was Hotline Miami all over. I kinda liked that. The Raven is my biggest question at this point, I want to know who is behind it.


Yeah I want to know who it is, too. I remember the mask in the car in the first episode. I’m also wondering how the missing girl Ani is investigating ties in to everything.


Do you think Ani’s missing girl case could be related to the webcam stuff? Shes kind of got a unspoken kinkiness. She was “investigating” webcam sites.

Velcoro walks into that house he got tipped on where there was a room with a camera setup. Maybe Ani’s missing girl could be around there.


There was actually another official thread last year but it got lost in the GD waters.

And Velcoro is fine. Im calling it.


Everyone is calling it.


I wonder if he gets away because Raven is attached to Vinci.


@orochizoolander stop playing and drop your analysis

Im starting to rethink the blood reference as opposed to just the plasma that flows within. This season might be more about blood as in family, and relatives.


WTF is rock salt? Is that a thing? Why even own a shotgun if you’re not gonna use it to completely obliterate whatevers infront of you.


I dunno man, but I remember Budd shot Beatrix with it in Kill Bill 2, and she survived.


lol I didn’t know vince vaughn can actually act

I only know him from shit movies+shit roles :grimace:


Omfg at the end of the last episode


A close range rock salt blast to the chest can still be fatal folks, not to mention he was shot twice- internal bleeding, punctured lung, etc he survives that just for the sake of plot, and even if he does he should be out of commission for quite a while.

It would be funny if the Velcoro killed the wrong guy and this masked Raven killer happens to be a soulless ginger. He might’ve been given wrong info to do the dirty work for Vince Vaughn.


Nah, I’m pretty sure Vince Vaughn’s character was legit with Velcoro.

I wonder if the raven guy was in that Caddy outside or watching on the webcam.