HC-MU001 fighting stick


I’ve checked around on the forums for information on this stick, haven’t seen anything yet.

It looks like yet another Hori knockoff, but the buttons and stick look like they may be right for modding. Anyone have any experience with this one? I need a good stick for the PS2, and don’t want to spend $200-400 on the Hori sticks most look for. I know about the Mayflash, but the work involved in modding it to hold a JLF has me worried, I can think of about a dozen ways I could screw it up, having never done any stick work before.


You could probably find a T5 stick for like 50 Dollars. The joystick itself in the T5 isn’t bad either, of course if you want to change out the buttons you will have to some work but its not that bad.


Completely forgot about the tekken stick, thanks. Just finished looking around, found some decent prices.


how much is that china stick? depending on the price it looks very good to play around w/ to mod