HCB + Punch?

The only use I can think of for this move is to RC it for its amazing amount of Guard Crush it inflicts…

try this if your in the corner, close s.Hp. c.MK and do 2-in-1 HCB.HP if you hit them with this QCBx2.K (power) any level…hope it helps

you can also CC after it, starting with cannon spike, then come down with qcb + k, repeat until about 8-9 hits, then do jumping lp’s or mp’s, then 2qcb + k (mash!).

So basically close s.HP, F DF D+MK, DB, B + HP

That sounds tough… gotta practice.

RC it in the corner than do that combo, it makes it so much better :smiley:

Has invincibility already on start up and goes through fireballs and super fireballs LOL!!! and you can combo after it really really easy after you hit with it haha SCRUBTASTIC. Used with moderation of course considering the fact that you can be hit really easilly after initial invincibility.

I love it when Cammy players use her hcb+P punch out of nowhere. Even better when they assume RC will make it safe and throw it out like crazy. Landing free custom combos with my characters makes me smile.

yaah it not even worth it to RC considering the long gap inbetween start up and the move actually hitting. Move is totally worthless except for going thru a fireball once in a blue moooon.