Not many people have seen the moves before or know how to deal with them, and I pulled them on my cousin (read: newbie) and he didn’t know how to react. I can see their uses in fakeout/mixup and meter-building at a fairly good distance, but just how effective are they?

first of all…if u’re cousin was a “newbie”(i’m not sure what the “read:” means)…the hcf+k move would look like a regular kick to him…it looks like a regular kick to anyone who never played ken before…soo wouldn’t he react like any normal person would and just see it as a regular kick and not get worried?

He’s a newbie in the sense that he doesn’t know what to do when, how to react to new stuff or stuff he’s not familiar with, and he still has a lot to learn… he’s played for a while, but doesn’t have much practice. I’ve played Ken against him for a while now, but he never knew about his hcf+kick moves, so that completely threw off his game.

Most anyone at our local in March/April will vouch for his lack of adaptability, since I nearly OCVed him with a Ratio 1 Yun just because he never figured out how to handle his shoulder charge. :confused:

Very effective when Roll Cancelled, my friend.