HD Box Pro Question


on the site it says Include: HD Box Pro converter, 100-240 adapter, remote control. I looking to buy one online but the guy says it comes with rca cables. Did the real ones come with that? I heard there was a 2nd improved version… Also there are clones of this box. Should i assume that is a fake? and not buy? also what color is it? i seen a silver one and a black one.


More info than you bargained for:




Any one have an hd box pro can confirm if it came with wires or not, most of the responses there indicate just a remote and power supply.


Yep, taht’s all mine came with. You’ll need to have or be able to acquire a VGA cable and component cable.


ok, can someone tell me the difference between the new version (silver) vs the old version (black)


There’s also an informative post here:


I went with the cheaper High-Box and it’s working fine so far.


Where did you buy it from?