HD Cams


Hi im looking for a compact, cost efficient HD cam, budget is about 300$ i want something that i can station to record my matches on the go.

the flip mino hd claims it can shoot 720p @60 frames a sec, i wonder if anyone can tell me how good it looks when recording games ( sf, mahvel 2/3)

also im taking other recommendations if you have personal experience in handheld hd cams.

oh and any suggestions on what too look for when shopping for a camera would be cool too, thnx all.


I have a flip mino HD myself and love it’s quality. It does games pretty good. Another option would be the kodak playsport HD, it does both 1080p (30fps) and 720p (60fps)

Both are great cameras.


Watch near the end of my tutorial where I test my customized stick. I didnt get a good angle of the screen, but if you set the video playback to 720p and full screen it, it’s not that bad.


coool so was this vid shot with flip mino at 720 60fps or 1080p at 30?

omg if this was shot with the flip mino, its beautiful,


It’s actuall an older mino HD that only does 720p 30fps. The new ones are the same in terms of quality, but have smoother playback due to the 60fps recording.

If you get a tripod and set it up dead center, you should get really nice results. Although, for the price, you might as well look into a HD PVR and hook up your console to it to record matches. Unless of course you’d like a HD camera to record other things too.

I think they modified to new version of the UltraHD to also do 60fps recording, the ultra’s a bit cheaper and is essentially 100% the same thing. It just has physical buttons, instead of touch sensitive like the mino’s. And it’s slightly fatter.