HD EVO 2010 VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/user/evo2kvids

Attention! We will be uploading the semi final and final matches from Evo 2010 to our new YouTube channel at YouTube - evo2kvids’s Channel. A few videos are being uploaded already as I type this.

If you are at the event, PLEASE do not upload your own videos of the semi-finals or finals. We want one archive of super high quality videos. Videos of pools are fine to upload.

Very nice and appreciated. Would it be too imposing to ask that before too many get uploaded to upload them into playlists of each game? Say all HDR pool/semi’s in a playlist then top 8 HDR in a playlist that way people don’t have to search through everything at once? Thanks for doing this again.

The audio on the Daigo vs Lamerboi screwed, video itself is pretty fast.

lamerboi vs daigo is playing at 2x speed. all videos audio is way, way too low. vids will need to be deleted and reuploaded.

So far one of them has been encoded to play back at 2x speed and the other 2 have low audio…not a good start :stuck_out_tongue:


greatest evo yet.

Niiiice! YouTube really is the best place to host the EVO videos! Going to get these on SF4Tube asap.

I dont know what to say!

Grrr, the video speed is a bug in YouTube’s uploader. I deleted the video.

FYI we’ll upload all the finals after tonight with better audio, then I’ll reupload the existing semi-finals vids and upload the rest of what we have.

thx for posting these! How many more are coming?

Thank you very much for posting these!

Thank you!

I assume this will eventually be for all games?

any estimate as to when the final 8 vids will be up


Thank you! EVO was really exciting this year. I’m waiting patiently for any HDR vids.

Thanks for putting these up!

Thanks for uploading this!

Will you upload videos from MB, TvC and other non-sf series games?

Try uploading with FireUploader on Firefox. It’s what I use to upload to Youtube, and I honestly haven’t had problems with mismatched audio or buggy video since.

EDIT: Shizza vs. Infiltration is also borked.

when can we expect those rap intros?

I need that melty rap to blast at SSF4 locals; post that shit already.