HD EVO 2010 VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/user/evo2kvids

Are you going to upload the hdr semi and finals?


Thanks for your work. Someone else also uploaded good quality videos of some other EVO 2010 matches: YouTube - ZeroSniper007’s Channel

Props! So nice for people to enjoy these games, massive thanks :`)

thanks for the vids, that final was pretty amazing.

Very awesome to have this. The audio is pretty low in most of the vids but it’s still clear.

I take it there will be no DVD this year? Not hating just asking since I’m one of those DVD collector kinda guys. Either way that’s really awesome that you all are getting them put up on youtube.


it would be better in my opinion if you guys uploaded all the videos in megaupload, or torrent for better quality because youtu compresses videos, for even better quality, but thanks anyway

Any chance we will get to see the pool play videos. Me and some of my friends had some of our matches on the Big Screen, and I would love to see what our fights look like with color commentary.

Thanks for putting these up! Missed some of the finals so it’s nice to get them so fast.

Also, was there any footage of the TvC 2v2 tourney? Someone by the handle yoshi13 apparently was in the finals and I’d like to see it (errr if they’re there at all, that is).

Must have mooooooooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr

Hey you guys check out this vid and tell me what you think


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Is there video of the MvC2 final?

Great to have these uploaded. Looking forward to a download or DVD option in the future.

Some of them are still broken… such as this one:


Some of them are still broken… such as this one:


How are the uploads coming along?

I second this notion. I don’t particularly like how Youtube further compresses all incoming videos.

You guys still uploading? It’s been 2 days

we need the pool games also… they’ll stop uploading ssfiv videos??