HD LCD Monitor...3!

Who’s seen this? HD LCD Monitor 3

I think I might want one; I have a tendency to bring my PS3 into my Dorm’s lounge area and play it, since i get bored in my room; carting that LCD tv is a pain in the rear. This looks nice.

The PSone had a very similar product that was $100 less, that was ten years ago. This is an overpriced gimmicky piece or garbage. For $150 less you can buy a 15" monitor thats roughly the same portability and probably better.

Hmm, true~ Though that is less convenient since it doesn’t mount, it’s probably worth saving $150. Still, it’s a neat idea and could be useful for some people. I’ve been wanting something like that, actually. Hopefully the price goes down. Also, if you ddin’t notice, it doesn’t appear to have HDMI. The photo seems to have a HDMI cord in it, but HDMI isn’t listed as a input.

There’s no reason why I can’t want this…just for a fairer price…maybe it’s a really good screen. No wait…it only goes up to 720p. No 1080p? Then again, it’s a small screen, not a giant 42" plasma. The difference might be negligible. I might as well look into it.

EDIT: I think I solved the mystery.
I have a 15.5 Inch LCD screen for my laptop; It has a resolution of 1366×768. This monitor is 11.6"; It also has a resolution of 1366X768. The smaller the screen, the harder it is to make a high resolution. Furthermore, 11.6" is uncommon. A quick google barely gets anything; the monitors you do get are either bare replacement laptop screens, or cheesy low quality DVD monitors. This isn’t a bare wholesale part, and has a limited market. So $250 makes more sense. (Not that they couldn’t make it cheaper.) They need to buy the screen, build the unit, and sell it at a profit. I wouldn’t be surprised if those first 2 steps cost $100. Then again, who knows how much it would actually cost the company for those screens.
Still, it appears to be a high-quality-for-it’s-size screen (please correct me if I’m wrong), a size that’s mostly used in Ee-Pcs, and is otherwise fairly obscure. I think $150, or maybe $200 would be a more fair price, but it isn’t a completely unfair price, s far as I can tell.

If it was $150 like it was ten years ago, then this would totally be a cool product, however if I’m attaching the equivalent of a PS3 slim on top of another PS3 Slim, theres something wrong there.

Well…inflation. Plus, it’s harder to make a better screen smaller…how good was the PS1 screen? (Of course, that was ten years ago, it probably cost more to make that screen then.) In 2000, supposedly $150 is the equivalent of $190. (Only $40 though.) But still, I get the feeling that this screen just costs more to make. We’ll see how long it takes the price to drop…
Wait a second, there’s no way I could get this and a 3DS next fall/winter…here’s hoping to one of them being crud?

Well think of it this way, a $250 netbook uses probably a screen similar to that if not better, but its also a computer that runs on batteries. That is just a screen that also requires external power.

You could buy a 20" LCD for that price

Well, you could get a NetBook for that price…Welll actually I think they normally start at $350~ though there’s at least one for $290. But is the screen as good? The ASUS Eee PC EPC1000HE-BLK005X is on sale on NewEgg $100 off, at $290. (Though NewEgg doesn’t always have the best Laptop Deals~) It has a 10" screen, and a lower resolution. As far as the other specs, who knows? (I don’t know if the Hori screen is good though. Are there any video experts here?) Plus, Eee PCs are meant to be cheap, and thus use low spec parts…The screen might be 1/4 or a 1/3 or the total cost; I wouldn’t be surprised.
As for getting a 20" LCD…you’re missing the point. It’s not about getting a shinny new monitor, it’s about getting something that attaches to your PS3 and is portable. I COULD get a 20" LCD with a HDMI input, and tape it to my PS3, or I could just keep carting my current LCD tv around. (I actually damaged the screen doing that; it got hit by a door knob and now has a white stretch mark near/hole a corner.) OR I could mount a small screen onto it, carrying both at once.

Really, what we need is a AV expert here that can tell us if it’s a good screen for it’s size, and how much less expensive a equivalent monitor should be.