HD mode too strong? or neomax cost too little?

I never played arcade version, but does anyone feel that hd mode is a little too strong? I feel since neomax cost only 2 bars in HD mode, the damage output is too high for too little.

Just curious if I’m not the only one that feels it should revert back to 3 bars… maybe to compensate they make neomax scale a little less in hd mode or something.

i have little problem with it, IIRC neomax scales to 50% only as is.

and technically HD neomax costs 2 bars + 2 bars of drive which is a pretty fair sum.

and I’m only saying this because I like doing 1000 damage with leona for 4 bars :smiley:

drive gauge is not that easy to fill, so i think it´s ok :slight_smile:

i have a question , does hyperdrive last 15 in game seconds?

it is a lot of damage for hd combos into neomax. i dont mind it but i wouldnt complain if they raised the cost or tweaked the damage some way. its not too big of a deal really, adds some juice. it could be way worse i mean look at that one game… drive actually does build slow as well, usually it takes about the same time to fill the drive gauge as it does to get 2.5 meters.

compared to arcade, in most situations involving the strong characters from the arcade version the damage is toned down. usually because in arcade most of the best hd combos ended with something where you could continue your juggle post-hd, then do a level 2 for max damage. now normal supers scale 40% and usually the best choice is to end earlier with a neomax, but it still does less damage than the arcade combos. for example kyo and k’ do less overall damage in their hd combos for the same meter.

Yeah. I’m not saying it’s broken or anything, but I feel with a little tweak, the flow of combat would be more interesting. I mean it’s not hard to get 2 bars and a full drive to be honest and then with that, you land any normal it leads to huge damage with most chars. After you do that to your opponent, he’ll have more than enough to do it back since you build a significant amount being hit.

I don’t know how long it’ll last if you don’t do anything. That’s something worth trying out. However, if you go into HD mode and you do an HD cancel, 10% of the overall bar decreases as well as the small percentage that’s going down over time.

i use HD not just for combos… but for >500 antiairs ahahahah
with ash when the timer is below 15, i activate HD, so when the opp jumps, DM xx NM = win

No. High Damage is awesome.


From what I’ve seen, most of the 1 hit kill HD combos require 5 bars and/or starting from a heavy jump in and/or the corner. You should be actively using meter, so sitting on 5 bars and forsaking defensive options and drive cancels seem to be a big tradeoff.

If it isn’t a kill combo, you’re alive, make a comeback with your own HD combo :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming off a game like SF4, where damage is piss poor even with full super bar and a stored Ultra, I like the heavy damage combos in this game. There are not many situations where you’re gonna do a 100% combo on an opponent.

Even Yuri’s HD Butt loop has to be done in the corner. If you get cornered in a game where you have universal rolling and blowbacks through blockstrings, you should lose a character.

I’m not really talking about 100%. Just how much damage you can get off hd combo to 2 bar neomax. I just think it’s too much personally.

Whatever I guess though, since my chars can utilize it pretty well lol. If I land a cross up or a 2b with Andy or K with HD bar and 2 meters, it’s 700-800 damage. It almost feels like a come back mechanic because you build so much meter when you’re getting hit.

Man, all due respect. Just play the game and don’t worry about it. High damage is bad ass, every game out these days has shit piss for damage and it’s lame as fuck. Everyone gets 50 chances. It’s lame as hell. Enjoy the massive damage this game has while it lasts, where people eat shit for fuckin up. It’s a good thing.

Damage is like the only thing Marvel 3 does right.

I’d have to agree with the above. No damage = No consequence. Play worse and prosper is a fairly lame trend of current fighting games. It’d be a problem if only certain chars had access to it and so far so good imo.

I guess it’s just the flow of battle just feels weird to me with the low cost for high damage. I’m guessing it’s the amount of meter you give back to the opponent. Wish it wasn’t such a large sum. Like after doing my hd neomax bnb the opponent gains like 1.6 meter and 0.65 hd bar when I spent 2 meter and 1 full hd bar.

The most fun I have in a match is the very first fight where we both at 0. There we go for resets and more interesting tactics. Once you get the full bar with some meter it just turns into who lands the first hit into 70-80% combo. Then whoever gets hit by it will now have a ton of meter to return the favor. Too much back and forth reliance in the hd system, with the way it’s setup.

Meh just different than previous kofs I guess.

I actually think about this question a lot, and here’s something to consider reagrding HD combos in general.

When selecting what combo you are going to do off a hit confirm, you need to evaluate many different variables. Some of the key things to look at is pretty obvious, such as how much meter you have when you activate (remember, no building meter during your HD combo!) and how much health your opponent has. But there are also variables that people neglect. Things like how much time is left on the clock, how much meter your opponent has, which character you are doing the HD combo to (point, second, or anchor), and how much health YOU have.

To elaborate, consider that you are on your second character and you’ve landed a full hit confirm. Your opponent is also on his second character with the life lead and no meter, while you have full meter but are close to death (~20% health). Do you go for the full HD combo kill, thus getting to their anchor but at the same time, giving them 3+ and full drive to work with? Or do you opt NOT to do the HD combo, saving your own meter for your anchor? Personally, I would save the meter and do as much damage meterless as possible so my anchor is fully stocked to run it back. But this is where you have to factor in all the different variables. What if you had the life lead? What if your opponent is already sitting on full meter? What if there is very little time left on the clock?

When I think about HD combos, I try not to think solely on how much damage it does. Of course that’s one of the most important aspects of Hd combos, but don’t neglect the other aspects as they are pivitol in the decision making process during your hit confirm.

One last thing to consider… if you are playing against someone of equal skill, both players should be fighting for every inch of space and health by burning EXs. If you can manage to maintain a health AND meter lead for the majority of the match, than you are clearly a better player who should win anyways, regardless of how much damage your HD combo does.

just think, in 2002 HD just cost a meter of super!

Never thought of staying ahead in meter to have as much as importance as staying ahead in health before reading this post. I’ll definitively keep that in mind from now on. I knew meter was important, but not as important as health as you pointed out.

If I could end the round then I absolutely would in that situation. Letting that character live and potentially (likely) knocking out your second and doing free damage to your anchor while building even more meter than he would from the combo could lose you the match. You can spend the next round playing lame and building as much meter as possible while trying to get free damage on their anchor. I guess I’m one to not want to leave anything to chance.

can’t win a match by meter stock…
life however…

Yeah, I liked the length of BC mode in 2002 way better. But I’m just not a fan of combos that last 20 seconds. The damage itself is okay, I just wish you wouldn’t have to do boring combos for them.