HD Post-Evo content to be available on IGN Insider

Faster, better, and cheaper than the usual Evo DVD. Discuss.

That’s pretty sick. You guys still gonna release the DVD? And will this be available sooner that the DVD usually is?

Unfortunately i’m not too familiar with IGN insider since i’m not a member. Can you DL the vids off the site to actually have at home? Or will it be stream only so you require access to the net to watch them when you want to? It is cool that it’s going to be available quick and in HD since you guys probably can’t release HD discs/dvds due to cost so that’s a plus. Gonna miss those evo dvds. Remember watching them while I was in high school wishing I could go to evo :X

Does this mean that IGN owns the rights to the footage? Will there be DVDs? And what are ‘post-tournament’ matches as opposed to tournament matches?

I’d rather have the EVO community be in charge of everything rather than have IGN doing anything. Even having IGN associated with it seems out of place. DVDs please.

I’m paying for this just to support Evo (and watch these hype ass matches in EEEIIIIICCCHH DEEEEEEE)

VF Four…you seem to be over complicating things. Post tournament matches are what they’ve always been. If you buy an Evo DVD that’s a disc set of post tournament footage. All they’re saying is that the footage was put together completely in a multi media format after the tournament was over. They’re not talking about screwing you over with only post exhibition matches after the event. It speficially says you get all of the same footage you’re used to on a DVD but now in a new format. Trying to take “post tournament footage” out of context will basically do nothing but get you thinking all of the footage consists of Mr.Wiz running around Vegas looking for Mc.Ribs on his way back to Cali.

How you feel about IGN is on you but obviously Evo did this with the best intentions in mind. IGN whether you like it or not is the window to the world for like the majority of the gaming populace. GameFAQs is probably the only other site that ties or gets more name recognition. If we want people to care about fighting games again…IGN is basically screaming at us to do something for them. I say it’s a good move.

DVD’s at this point are more of a maintenance issue for Evo than anything so I doubt there will be DVD’s. Don’t take that as word bond but I believe one of the other big reasons Evo is doing this is so they don’t have to spend months working on a DVD and spend money making extra DVD’s that they won’t sell. Them being able to sell it to us for dirt cheap IMO isn’t just simply to say “WE WANT YOU TO SAVE MONEY” it saves them time as well as money too.

But having to log into IGN insider every time I want to watch the matches is not something I’m a fan of. If I can download the HD matches in DVD quality then I am all for it. I have the 2007-2008 EVO DVD bundle and I can watch them anytime I want in any DVD player I own. I can even rip matches down and watch them on my PC. Also many older EVO matches are on YouTube for viewing. Are these matches going to be forever exclusive to IGN?

I’m pretty sure YouTube has given EVO far more exposure than IGN can and over will.

That’s a question that obviously I can’t answer but I wouldn’t fret too much on it. I personally think IGN will help us get that extra bit of credibility from the mainstream and I think overall makes things easier for everyone even if you end up not being able to everything you used to do with the videos before. I’m just hype about the HD quality and trust Evo’s judgement on this for the time being.

If I can download it…I may drop my personal vendetta against IGN.

hmm, I hope there’s a DVD coming out…

do i have to pay ign to have access to ign insider stuff?

if so, thats fucking lame, and ii feel disappointed in evo for handing it over to IGN like that

You do have to pay. But the point they’re making is it’s only 15. as opposed to the 40+ the discs normally cost. I think the biggest questions so far is simply is it downloadable.


I wish I could do something else to emphasize this other than quote it.

lol that was a good way to summarize it. I mean, I don’t mind paying for the subscription, but I kinda want a DVD as well unless if it is in fact downloadable (I can probably just use IDM to take the flv files, though avi is easier to convert), then I can just make my own DVD.

Here is my viewpoint of the topic at hand. I would personally rather purchase a hard copy of the EVO 2009 post tournament footage in the form of a Blu-Ray Disc or DVD as opposed to paying for digital distribution of the post tournament footage and having it be the only option available, whether it comes from a third party or not.

I basically feel this way. either way… imma pay for the footage lol

It’s a great option and I will definately get it but personally, I’d prefer the dvd.

I have a bit of a vendetta against IGN too but if this is the only other way I can support Evo I’ll do it. But if they release a DVD as well I’ll be sure to pick it up.

I think it’s a REALLY smart move by EVO. It takes the responsibility off them to capture, edit, distribute the DVD’s, and puts it into the hands of a company who has a good amount of experience w/ quality gaming media. Additionally, what was once a fairly long wait for DVDs (mostly due to the sheer man hours required to handle a ton of footage like that) now sounds like it will be fairly instant.

I hope they are also getting some kind of cut from IGN. Cause that shits too good to be giving away for free.

I’m curious as to whether or not we’ll see this content during the event, or if it won’t surface until post event? Makes sense to wait since there will be a stream, but getting the HQ version of them is always a bonus.

yo this is a lot more efficient on evo’s part. I really dont mind forking 15 to ign, even though like others have said, ign is fail.

the fact that we can get the footage more efficiently and faster is a step forward.

to echo other ppls concerns though, i really hope vids are downloadable.