HD PVR + Asus VH236H

can you use a Hauppauge HD PVR with the gaming monitor VH236H? as far as i know, the HD PVR uses composite cables. does the monitor support that type of connection? i own neither so idk. just asking for future references.

HDFury2 is what you need to run stuff properly. You should buy a Black Magic Intensity and save yourself the money. You better have a good computer. Go to 8wayrun to see his setup.

… i have a mediocre laptop. that enough? his guide is also for streaming. im talking about recording for youtube playback and such.

It might work. I would upgrade your computer as it does eat it up. I know my laptop from 2006 with a 1.3ghz processor didn’t cut it. However my 2.6ghz laptop did do it. I still don’t reccommend it if you are using an ASUS VH236H. I would save money to get a BMI.