HD Remix 4:3 or 16:9?


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I play 16:9 (default… right?)
But, prefer 4:3


Both. They play exactly the same.

16:9 just looks hella better.


4:3. I don’t like the “zoomed in” aesthetic. Perhaps it’s familiarity steering my opinion here, but in general, I prefer having a bit of space over the characters’ heads; that empty space is just more aesthetically pleasing for me, and the screen seems a little less crowded. I also prefer less of the game’s movement taking place off of top of the screen (even if, as in HDR"s case, it doesn’t affect the gameplay).


We’ll Evo will be 4:3, right? So thats what I’ll be playing with now.


Ya, well, I guess so. I am interested in what you were playing before NKI showed up and got the rules changed.

Considering most people own HDTVs with their consoles, I assumed most of you stuck with the default.


My TV is 4:3 so that’s what I play in.


Really? I could have sworn Wizard posted somewhere in the EVO forum that default for HDR was 16:9 at EVO.

It is called High Defininition Remix after all so the default should be 16:9 in my opinion. :smokin:


Ya, well then the rules changed.


Ponder and Wizard decided to go with the more consistent viewing format.

And if we’re talking about the name, technically speaking, high definition resolution has nothing to do with aspect ratio. The sprites were actually drawn with the 4:3 screen in mind. The zoomed-in 16:9 sprites are upscaled from their intended resolution so they look fuzzy/blurry at the edges. A pretty clear comparison can be found here: http://www.gamersglobal.com/news/1456

I got the Evo monitor and still leave the game on 4:3 mostly to avoid the heavy screen shaking when I wall dive but also to enjoy the crisp natural resolution of the sprites.


yeah its still hd in 4:3 though, but I’ll be playing in 4:3 also, now that evo is that way.


Yeah you can see Wiz edited his post and half of the first page responders are talking about playing 16:9. :china:


Ahh, thanks for the 411.


You can really only notice the upscaling noise if you are like 3 feet away from a 50’’ HDTV. Sit back a little bit and it looks fantastic.


I sit 3 ft. away from the Evo monitor (sort of far for a 23") and the blurring is in plain sight to me since the 16:9 sprites are so large. The only thing fantastic is that the upscaled sprites are huge and the action is “closer,” which is admittedly what casual viewers seem to prefer. But anyone critiquing the actual picture quality would have to say it’s degraded, just as if you were using the zoom feature on a movie to make the characters on-screen larger.

Honestly, fighting gamers are probably the least to care about visuals in the first place as long as it’s accurate enough and the game mechanics are straight. Most arcade ports don’t look nearly as good because they’ve been poorly upscaled to a higher resolution, some have an unremovable graphics filter, and most of us used lossy composite, S-video, or component video connections (instead of RGB) for pre-digital consoles. I’m not really sure why some players like having a 16:9 picture so much while ignoring the overall picture quality.


For some reason, the upscaling looks notably worse on the PS3 than it does on the XBox. But either way, it doesn’t look that bad. It definitely looks way better than when the I run some old game(ST, CVS2, etc) on my big HDTV.

Why do some of us prefer 16:9? I guess because it looks nice and fills up the big screen. It makes it feel like a modern game. Whenever I play/watch something in 4:3 it feels like I’ve traveled back in time.




Definitely Widescreen. Playing with blackbars that are nearly 6 inches on each side on a 62 inch just looks ghetto.

Playing remix on 4:3 is the only time where I experience such large black bars…not while playing AE (ps2 & xbox/360), DC ST, or emu ST. I’m sure they’re technical reasons why that is the case…either way…once Evo passes, it’s back to widescreen :cool:


Totally. 4:3 does look ghetto on a 60+ inch TV. :wgrin:


Agree with Megaman. 4:3 on a 60" KURO ELITE :wink: isn’t that great.