HD Remix All-Star Team!

Nipul?s HD Remix All-Star Team

I like to write up little lists like these to get some kind of back and forth discussion on the skill of some players on Live. I think I’ve played this game long enough to form an intelligent list.

Sometimes, people get upset about who I?ve picked, but this is according to my own opinion of players – it can be completely different from yours, and if it is, I encourage you to submit your own changes in a reply.

Each player on this list has shown that they are simply the best all-around player for their character, although I have to confess that some of these selections were really hard to make. Hondas and Guiles were particularly difficult, since so many people use them extremely well.

But, to me, this is the HD Remix All-Star Team, as well as Top 5 players period (Second place not listed since I don?t want to hurt anyone?s feelings, but you know who you are):

Akuma - Uber Cyber Ryu
Blanka - Bluetallcans
Balrog - Afrolegends
Ken - Damdai
Zangief - Haru Tejyo
Dhalsim - Cvital
Vega - Baconology
Ryu - DGV
Fei Long - The Aqua Snake
Dee Jay - Afrolegends
Honda - EA Megaman
Guile - Fifthandsomebud
Cammy - Antagonist
Bison - Zaspacer

Sagat - N/A
Chun Li - N/A
T. Hawk - N/A

**Top 5:
5. Bluetallcans
4. Damdai
3. Haru Tejyo
2. DGV

  1. Afrolegends**

Updated with some changes. Mostly alternates to the ones you posted, same level of skill. Though I do think Ganelon and Damdai are outright better than the people you picked.

Good changes, man.

Yeah, completely forgot about Damdai – would change my choice there.

I considered Mars, Eggo and Thelo, but tough, tough calls. I’d still go with my first choices on those.

I’ve never faced the Vega player personally. I’ve played Jumpsuit, but The Aqua Snake was more impressive in my opinion.

thelo and megaman or both beasts, megaman is more exciting though.

My list…

Ryu: DGV
Ken: Wes Truelson/damdai
Blanka: BlueTallCans
Guile: mute chimu kumi (muteki)
E.Honda: Thelo/EA Megaman
Zangief: haru tejyo
Dhalsim: Cvital
Boxer: afrolegends
Sagat: Pezman
Claw: Ganelon
Dictator: zaspacer
Fei Long: Jumpsuit
DeeJay: afrolegends
Cammy: Mr.Jangara
T.Hawk: JigglyNorris/gridman

Why is Baconology in the top 5? Ganelon is waaaaaaaaay better.

Never played Ganelon – does he play HD Remix?

Only reason a Vega player made it to top 5 is cause I’m a Chun user.

Top 5 (having forgotten about Damdai):

Nice thread…Nipul. PSN HDR has one of these too, for awhile, however a lot of the guys mentioned here are EVO vets.

Ganleon is Blacmore if you go by his Xbox Gamertag, definitely an O.G. Claw player. As far as the list of the XBL HDR Best, then** JigglyNorris ** assessment seems to be the most spot on thus far since I’ve played almost everyone that has been mentioned here. We’re still talking a matter of opinion.

**CaliPower **also has a tough Ryu, although he’s not on HDR as much anymore thanks to the other fighting games out there.

I’m loving the list idea, it’s basically an easy way to see who to challenge and get better from for a lot of people, while acknowledging the beasts on Live! I’ve played a lot pf people on the list fortunately, including Thelo who I played for the first time last night and damn, what an animal. It really showed I have a lot to learn about electricity, spacing my jumps, and well…just about everything. I’ll admit it! Thanks Thelo! :slight_smile:

However, I have yet to play Haru Tejyo! I really really want to, as I’ve heard he has an absolute beast of a Geif. I’ve tried private messaging him about setting up a match but has never responded (and I know he knows English as seen through his profile)** Haru, if you are reading this, please challenge me! I want to learn from the best Gief on Live!**

Good idea** Nipul**, maybe this will give a lot of people the incentive to step up there game and shake this list up a bit. I know I’m on the hunt!

Akuma - doesn’t matter
Blanka - Bluetallcans
Balrog - Afrolegends
Ken - damdai/WesTCyde
Zangief - Haru Tejyo
Dhalsim - Eggo
Vega - Sharizord
Ryu - DGV
Fei Long - The Aqua Snake (never played Jumpsuit to compare)
Dee Jay - Afrolegends
Honda - Thelo
Guile - Marsgatti
Cammy - Norieaga :wink:
Bison - DE Mavrick
Sagat - N/A
Chun Li - N/A (there are many good Chun’s but none that hit me as the best)
T. Hawk - Kurropi (only played Jiggly’s Bison, cannot compare)

Many of these spots face some really tough competition, so I wouldn’t be surprised if lists changed somewhat often. The only secure spot is mine, I’m the greatest Cammy :wink: (Heck with it, give it to Mr. Jangara).

EDIT: I just realized that I’ve had the pleasure and honour of facing almost all these players. First time in my life I’ve faced the top players in an online game…ever.

**SUGGESTION: Let’s do a top 5 per character instead. That may give players a better idea of what the general consensus is, and will also ensure some elite players are not left out. **

Good list so far, for hawk I would recommend putting a player called travelling something and a guy called mesa…I think that’s his name anyways lol. Everyone else seems spot on, for fei just use jumpsuit as he is the best fei followed by aqua and then possibly me.

Jiggly’s list is probably the closest to correct as far as i’ve played/seen on youtube. Sweet Johnny V’s chun is tasty, although i havent seen him on XBL in a while, also wolfman’s blanka is excellent, if maybe not as good as BTC looks to be in vids. Baconology and shari’s claws both pwn me (damn wall dive) and de mavrick and jiggly’s bisons take some beating. Best Hawk is unquestionably Jiggly or Gridman, AFAIK there should be no argument on that one, they’re both stellar, with maybe jiggly a nose in front. Sick thing is he doesn’t even use a custom stick, he’s on an xbox 360 standard pad. Grrrr…

There’s also a “great players you’ve come across” thread that was started as a gamertag database a while back.


Isn’t that Alex Valle’s gamertag? I would pretty much bet that he would man a tough ryu.

Travellin Penguin. Yep, very tough hawk. Don’t think he would top jiggly, but he’d be up there, i’ve played him a few times and he’s excellent.


lmao…take my name out of the “best sagat” catagory.
my ryu, balrog, and dee jay are better than my sagat and all the previous characters i listed i suck with.

I heard penguin beats jiggly in mirror matches, I also think mesa is better but I havn’t really had the time to adjust to his playstyle like I do with jiggly so that observation might be a bit skewed.

Who told you that? He wanted to be my friend because I was beating his Hawk with mine.

And Pez Man, its been quiet a while, but I remember your Sagat being pretty beastly. Hell you were the only person in the room to just walk in and beat afro legends one day.

Evo, we need to fight again. I’ve gotten better at Fei now. Aqua was having a monstrous time against me when we fought. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh…i bet i know what night that was…afrolegends was fooling around with vega that night…and hd didn’t know how to beat a jumping straight up roundhouse from sagat or that sagat’s jumping strong beats most of vega’s wall dives…if you watch afrolegends with rog, ryu, dee jay…i get creamed…ggpo for me

He told me that like probably a good 4-5 months ago, man I’ve been away from this game too long lol. When was the last time we even fought, must have been before the summer I think…geez damn SF4 has been taking to much of my time. I made my re-debute agaisnt thelo a day ago so I think I’m back to my original form, although I do get the urge to FAC from CW’s every now and then.

Does Sirlin barely play Fei online now or something? Is he just nowhere near jumpsuit or aqua snake?

I offered to have a first to 10 set with him awhile ago but he told me he works a 12 hour job so he is never on. The only good fei players that are on frequently are aqua and me lol, jumpsuit comes on from time to time which is unfortunate since he really is the best fei in NA. It’s hard to gauge sirlin to be honest since I’ve never fought him, he has a good record agaisnt high level honda’s and he made the top 5 in evo so by rankings alone I suppose he is better then me and aqua. I don’t think he’s better then jumpsuit though, but he is good enough that he could be considered 2nd in terms fo fei.

Feels good knowing I’ve played/beaten all of those names on the list at least once… haha XD. Good enough for me!

…Except DGV… damnit.

Yeeowch…, but I get you regarding Sirlin.