HD Remix, Best active players

Thanks for the mentions!

April 2011 HD remix best active players list:

E. Honda: TheloTheGreat, MisterEgoTrip, Mad Possum
Zangief: Evoanon, BaklaKiller, ThaProblem
Balrog/Boxer: Geneijin87, bhop
Vega/Claw: Illusive Empire, Stanic Glory, Engravings
M.Bison/Dictator: RenoMD, GeneiJin87, ExposedD
Guile: Narcissus Caesar, Mr Irepressible, Marsgatti
Dhalsim: NLP OU, Quaristice, SEA SHOT ON YOU
Sagat: Zoolanderbeast, blitzfu, Lyghts Out,
Blanka: Real Decoy, The Portugee, Empirion
Ken: Ken Mexicano, MegaDCept, Caucajun
Chun Li: Voltech SRK, Guile75, dancingphalange
Fei Long: Ramza, The Aqua Snake
Ryu: Decimates1, XinfamousoneX
T-Hawk: One8svn, DNGRSPPRCUT
Dee Jay: Bogeuk, bhop
Cammy: howmuchkeefe

Your Hondas easy. Nowhere near top player material.

Thelo and Reno are way better.

okay for active chun li’s ive only seen Voltech and myself ive never seen Guile75 or dancingphalange online but then again hd remix is pretty dead online.

We should have some matches!

when and what time?

I would have said now but I’m all Street Fighter’d out for today… tomorrow night would be better.
Send me a message on Xbox live so we can arrange it, thanks!

alright sounds good.

No need for a thread that will easily cause controversy and issues. Do not make another one.