HD:remix Disconnection problems...need help

ok i dont know where to post this but, i keep getting Disconnecting from matches and thus causing me losses constinly, it happens 80% of the time on Ranked matches and when i host a player match 60%, i know it has to do something with my router, cause i had a problem connecting with people in chat, and other games.

i have a SMC 8014W-G router, now i cant go and get a new router cause this a modem/router from my ISP, if you got ANY and i mean ANY solutions please help me, cause im really sick of this.

ps if im on the wrong forum again i apologise, i just need to correct this problem and google doesnt give me much help

I don’t think its your router I think it’s the game. Also you can’t call your ISP to give you another modem? If you’re able to do that ask them to give you a stand alone modem and buy a router separate.

OP, I know how you feel. Although in my case, it is due to crappy wireless connections I am using. Hope you figure it out soon.

I always lose my connection when I chose my character with “start”

I lose my connection constantly, although the last few weeks have been a bit better. Its pretty obnoxious, the best way to test if its your router is to check out some online gaming with other games if you are still getting disconnects call your ISP and request a new one otherwise its just HDR sucking ass.

What really kills me is when you get disconnected it kicks you back to the main menu and you have to go through all the menus again just to play another quick match…

If it’s happening to other online games and programs, it could possibly be your router. But have you tried forwarding the appropriate ports for each game/PSN/chatting/etc…?? Maybe that will help a little. If it doesn’t, I think Tetsuosan’s suggestion about getting a stand alone modem and separate router may be for the best. As I don’t really like those Modem-Router combo things all that much. It’s like getting two half-assed pieces of equipment combined into one, although it will “do” the job but usually half-assed.

if you are on a wireless, try wired if at all possible.

if you keep getting dropped, try resetting.

if you are having this issue with other games it could be the router so ask for a replacement from your isp if possible.

patch should be released soon. Hope they fix this issue for good.

good luck.

lol man that happened to me all the time too untill I read about it here on SRK. My ranked record is 77-19, with about 15 of those losses coming from me choosing the start color and causing a disconnect =[

Well its happend with Gears 2, Castle Crashers so far(also SF lol) so i think its my router, but i just wanna try a way to fix this first before calling my ISP, but thats for the help guys :slight_smile:

Yes, this game disconnects a lot, but it’s not entirely the game’s fault. There are a lot of things you can do to make sure everything is good on your end.

First, wireless or wired shouldn’t make a difference as long as you know your wireless is strong enough that the signal isn’t fluctuating up and down all the time. If you’re on the weak end of the signal, it’s always possible that your wireless reception is dropping out.

Next thing you always need to check is in your system settings to see if your NAT is open or limited.

If you’re on a 360 you can go into your system setting>network connections> and do a network test. That willl tell you at the end what your NAT status is. If it’s closed or limited you’re going to have trouble connecting or receiving connections with a lot of people on Live.

To open it up, you need to log into your router via your PC. You can usually do this by opening up your web browser and typing in something along the lines of “” or whatever your gateway address is. If you don’t know what this is, google your brand of router. Usually the same brand always has the same adress used for logging in.

You can follow the guides here for a little bit of help:


But the easiest thing to do is look for a setting called DMZ on your router. When you find that, enable it for the IP address that your 360 or PS3 is on. Again if you’re not really familiar with networking you’ll have to do a little research to figure this out. Once you enable that it will remove your console from whatever firewall or security your router has built in and makes connecting to it easier.

I find the absolute best way to make sure your connection is good is to manually assign all the devices on your network IPs, and don’t use automatic DHCP. It makes it easier to firewall the devices you want and open up your consoles. I can PM and explain how to do that if you want.

Someone else will have to give some info if you’re on a PS3, because I don’t know all of the menus to go through to do this stuff on there, as I don’t have one.

XearoDeath send me a PM and let me know what model of router you have. If you’re having the trouble with multiple games it’s likely just your security settings. I might be able to help you out.

It’s unlikely that it’s actually a defective router, some of them are just a pain to set up, and they certainly don’t come ready straight from your cable company. If you call and ask for a new one you’ll just get the exact same thing and have the same problems.

Sounds like you need to open the ports.

For Xbox Live it’s
TCp 88, 3074
UDP 3074 -3074

I also get disconnected when I play an online scoreboard match and the Stage is in Hong Kong (Fei Long)

When I press the start button to select characters, there is no selection beep and it disconnects 60% of the time. I use a wired connection.

What ports should be open for the ps3?

check the psn website, the xbox live site has the ports listed to be opened.