HD REMIX is now officially dead in europe


hd remix did not make the line up this year :sad:

That’s really shitty.

All the more reason for us to represent at EVO.

damn, thats bad news, and I was gonna win SvB this year

France isn’t in Europe?

Hd Remix will be played in France to the Stunfest, i believe, like in 2009… Do you remember John Choi vs NKI ?

ST wasn’t in SBO last year. But they realized what’s up and put it back in this year. It wouldn’t surprise me if games like KOF12 and GG get dropped next year and ST/HDR gets added back in. There have been a lot of new games lately, and it’s not extremely surprising that people want to give them a shot. But in the end, SF2 is simply more solid then a lot of these new games. As long as the community keeps backing the game, it’ll endure.

How big is Stunfest, anyway? A quick Google search only netted me this mostly-empty page :-/

Stunfest was pretty huge, a whole bunch of tourney games, SBO quals, crapload of arcade cabs mostly for casuals (and SBO quals). But they dig the underground low profile aesthetics, they rented out an underground parking lot and held it there. The the organizers told me and my friends they are moving to a bigger and better location though cause last years venue couldn’t hold all those people.

Anyways, no version of SF2 for SVB sucks. Really sucks.

The Stunfest’s page is empty because work is in progress for 2010’s edition but it will be soon available.

Stunfest 2009 was great!


Hmm. To be expected I guess. No SF2 at SVB really REALLY sucks as Fulaani said. Its actually idiotic tbh, and I could be very critical of certain people and groups, but I’ll refrain from getting into a slagging off session here :wink: I think SweetJohnnyV is very right though.

I really want to know more about StunFest now! :smiley: It’s a good time to visit France again. :slight_smile:

double post :lame:

this is what neo empire said on facebook. "what we saying you cant even decide which sf2 yourselfs. This is exactly why SF2 has been dropped this year. HD Remix was SUPPOSED to fix these issues and failed. We’ve had SF2 in our tournament line up for many years and its popularity has dropped year after year.

We need to give other games other than a Street Fighter game a chance"

SFIV and 3S are just way to popular

“Supposed to fix these issues and failed”

I didnt realize a game developer was able to “fix” a bunch of stubborn players who** like broken loops and O Gat/Vega spam**…

Couldn’t we create some sort of petition? i was looking forward to super vs battle this year.

I live like 5 minutes away from where its being held so i don’t mind bringing my xbox and possibly a T.V.

Sorry to hear about the loss.

Maybe organize an ST-HDR only tourney/gathering? Build it and they will come.

Is 3S really more popular than HDR? I didn’t think it would be, but maybe it’s just everyone wants a shot at being Daigo.

If HDR failed, then why is there no ST? Sounds like a shitty excuse to me. I don’t know the setup, but I suspect it’s something to do with sponsorship? As for HDR being dead, I’ll still play it as long as there are guys out there with good pings. We need to remind people to take a break from SFIV and MW2 and get back on HDR even if it’s for like 30 minutes. I work evenings, so I am usually available in the morning when HDR tends to be dead.

I’m attempting to learn Dhalsim at the moment, so if anyone wants some free wins, hit me up (just remember, ping under 64, small lobbies).

A lot of people are taking the view that it is too hard to find matches on HDR at certain times of the day, and go and play something else. If we all take this stance, the game will die quickly. The less players there are online (playing something else), the quicker it will die as the other players will go and play something else too.

This is the first SF that I picked up and was able to play at a decent level with. I have zero interest in SF4 as the core mechanics just feel wonky, and I don’t think SSFIV or the inevitable SSFIVT will fix it. It’s the very building blocks of the game that doesn’t feel right. So until ST or HDR gets an update/rerelease/port or a SF game with core mechanics that feel a little closer to ST comes along, I will be playing HDR as long as possible.

I’m with SweetJV.
Cutting SF2 (ST or HDR) from big tourneys just doesn’t make sense.

SF2 is a recognized top solid game, with massive legacy, amazing and well known and celebrated and active players, armies of people who know the game, etc.

The Olympics is an example of an event that builds on its legacy by running with events that stand the test of time.
NOT going the same route in fighting game tournies removes that sense of legacy.

3S is a very loved game by its devoted fans and players.
But there is no way it has the active numbers of HDR.
From what I understand, HDR draws more players than 3S in tournies that run both.

One factor for this is likely that 3S does not have a recent release or marketing campaign on a console, which makes it much harder to grow the playerbase.

Hmm. Honestly, I’ve pretty much given up on the NE guys, I don’t think it would be any use. You’d just get all the ST whiners I get tired of fighting against - tbh they are exactly what’s killed SF2, as I pre-empted all too accurately :frowning: Some really really good guys there though, but I think NE are going about things wrong in many ways - way too London-centric for example.

Electronic Dojo will hopefully run some offline HDR stuff. They’ve just started offline ranking battles for it and ran a 16 man tourney last week which was very successful. Hopefully this SVB foolishness won’t stop them, I know DNA and he really like SF2, and I know he has a few plans up his sleeve, so I’m hopefully going to have a chat with him soon.

nearly everyone in london perfers SFIV to remix for some reason

if you only you knew how popular neo empire SF2 was before hd remix actually came out…

last decent tournament was battle of destiny…