HD Remix Ken for SFIV Ken Players


I have been playing Ken and getting pretty decent with him in SFIV… but I also own HD remix and I notice that I can’t play worth a damn as Ken in that. So, is there anyone who would be willing to do a write-up on HD remix for SFIV players?

For instance in SFIV ken has a great f+mk poke. But in HD that is not there… so a handy little “if you did this, now you do this” would be cool.

Don’t know if anyone has the time or will to write such a guide, but I think there are many who will come to the older games through SF4 because it brought in so many new players. I got HD Remix before SF4, but I was so terrible at it that I haven’t played much.


A few posts down…



Here’s a flowchart…



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Jump-in LK->MK tick throw. Lather, rinse, repeat. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why wouldn’t you ask this in the Ken thread?

If you’re new to a forum and there’s a thread at the top of it that says “New to the forum? START HERE!”, why wouldn’t you read that first?

The first step in getting good at something is noticing what’s in front of you.


youtube + aniken + st


GGPO will turn your Ken into a man.


but Guile will turn your Ken into a family man !
Guile >>>> GGPO




Ken Flowchart FTW


this here got me my first 100 wins :tup:


Top tier reply, good shit.


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Who said you could post my Ken-style? :rofl:


youtube aniken and mattsun. learn to cr. lk x2 hit confirm into super. get comfortable with knee bash mix ups. mix up tick throws and walk up shoryus. get the timing down for reversals.

also another good piece of advice is to not take my advice at all, my ken sucks. welcome back to remix, where you actually need to input forward, down, down-forward for a shoryu.


Or…you could just read the Ken thread and let this thread die the miserable death is was due to die back when the original post was posted.

The Ken Flowchart was great, though. :slight_smile:


I must say this is funny lol


I read this post days ago and I still think about how good it is.

This one too.