HD Remix Matchmaking thread


I need to practice against Honda. If you’re interested, add me, gradx. Usually available somewhere between the hours of 7pm and 2am EST.

This is the matchup I hate the most (because my strategy of spamming tiger shots is COMPLETELY countered by this fat boy). Now I must diversify my game because I’ve invested almost all of my HDR PT into Sagat and will not accept being an 80%+ loser in this matchup no matter what level the competition. Yeah, 80%+ is no lie.


misteregotrip is pretty much the best honda you’ll find on psn


RenoMD has got a bad ass Honda too. Haven’t seen you in a while Syxx. I’d like to play your crazy ass Cammy again lol.


gradx - You’re already listed as a friend…so feel free if you see me online. Yeah RenoMD is also a good Honda player. Our tactics are different so you’ll get a better variety for this specific match-up.

Syxx573 - Long time no see online here or on PSN! Thanks for the props. I want to play against your Akuma. The last time we played, you were getting beastly with that Akuma of yours and I’m curious to see at what level you are with him now. That is if you’re still on Remix.


Don’t forget RenoRob :wink:


i know about these two but didn’t think they’d wanna waste their time with me. i’ll look you guys up when i get a chance, more likely the week this upcoming one.