HD Remix: On the fence



I was thinking about getting HD Remix for my 360, I loved the original, so is this worth it? Fighting games I have for 360: Super Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom 2.:wonder:


Get off the fence and get some points already! It’s a great game but not many people play it (well you can usually find a good few lobbies at certain times of the day though). Most of us who do play it are decent and there are some insanely good guys there, so you have to be ready for a challenge if you want to match some of those guys.


I’m on the east coast (not far from the OP) and I can find a decent ping lobby (under 100ms) at any time of day or night. There are lots of people playing now especially since EVO is coming up this weekend. Since OP is in Philadelphia, he should have even more matches available to him than me.

If by “original” you mean Super Turbo, then you’ll be right at home. There are only a few differences between the games, but they are 95% the same. Hope to see you on, and don’t be shy about creating your own lobby. There are a lot more lurkers than creators.


^True Dat!