HD Remix online


Is it just me or does the online scene feel dead?
I try to find matches on PSN and you can barely find anyone. Its not uncommon to play the same 1-2 people either. Honestly, I think Sirlin fucked the game up when really it didn’t need any tweaks. Maybe lower the power of some characters like Rog and Dhalsim’s throw loops but really everything feels “off” about this game. It doesn’t feel like the Super Turbo I knew or loved. From the damage to the hitboxes, I feels like Sirlin destroyed the game’s core.


Online scene is definitely petering out, but man, what an odd non-sequitur going from that to yet another ST vs. HDR bit of silliness. It’s like, “man, this is a tasty lasagna, but that Augusto Pinochet sure was a real dick, huh?”


There are number of great online players in XBL…Can someone give this guy an infraction please! Another poison the well bullshit! I wish i was a mod so i can ban the fuck out of these ST fuckers! Merry Christmas & Godbless