OK i’ve seen loads of posts and comments on this topic (what’s wrong with HD remix) over the last while, but i don’t seem to be able to find a dedicated thread where people can beef about what should be fixed.With the (hopefully) imminent patch that Capcom have just let us know about being worked on right now, i thought it might be a good idea to put up a thread that maybe somebody over at capcom could hear about that might help them in doing the best job possible with a fix, and help us fans get a lot of the annoying niggles worked out of what otherwise is a great game.

My Platform:XB360
My issues:

Fix all the obvious stuff like life bars, no music, desynchs, etc, etc (obviously) that’s breaking the game at the moment.

Give me an option to leave a room if i’m not actually playing yet, just spectating, it’s a bitch trying to get out of a room once you’re in, and should be a lot easier if you just want to leave the QUEUE for a game, not quit out of a match.

Create a “recording mode” in training.(Not sure if it’s possible to add something like this or not) but being able to program in specific attacks from the CPU to practise a defence against, a corner trap or fireball battle for example, is really useful and works well in other SF games.

Get rid of the stupid situation where you can charge specials on the analog stick while walking forward on the d-pad, and do “walk up psycho crushers” etc.Sure, it’s fun to be as cheap as the CPU, but it gets old after about 3 minutes, and online opponents want to get on a bus, find you, and murder you everytime you do it.

Show me stats on disconects, sign outs, and ping/connection info for each room i’m in, or change the menu so i can see a list of available rooms and their ping stats like in the “join tournament” area, so i don’t waste ten minutes waiting for a match on what turns out to be a laggy, sh1t connection in a room that i had no idea was being hosted by someone 15.000 miles away.

Give me a “search for local hosts” option, or a ping speed filter, or something like that, so i have a better chance of finding a match that’s geographically close to me, with as little lag as possible.

When i find a room that’s busy, too full, taking too long to queue in, or that i just plain don’t like the look of, and i drop back out to search again, don’t drop me back in to the same room 4 or 5 more times before giving me another option.I told you the first time, i don’t want to play in that room, find me another one, and mark that one as a “no thanks” for now.

When i pause a game in training mode, let me see what’s actually going on behind the menus.There’s no option to actually pause a training matchup, kill all the option screens, and take a good look at hitboxes etc.The on screen action, sprites, hitboxes, etc is all totally obscured by the (not too attractive) interface and i can’t see what’s happening.How the hell am i supposed to figure out which frame of my opponent’s attack to bust out a reversal on and which moves to stay the hell away from if i can’t see what’s going on?

And finally for now, for the love of god give me an option to knock off the reworked “ken stage” music that’s all over the game select and menu screens, as well as the “searching for a game” screen, and the “waiting in lobby” screen.I’ve played HDR endlessly over the last 3 months, and it’s constant on all of those screens.It’s the only bit of the new reworked soundtrack you can’t kill via an option…it’s brilliant and all, and the guys at OC remix did a bang up job, but i must have listened to that guitar riff about a million times now, and it’s making me crazy…i’m starting to hear it in my sleep.Pleeeease give me a " toggle menu music on/off" option to nerf it…please…

I’m sure i’ll come up with a few more niggles.Has anybody got any more suggestions??

Yeah I like how you listed fixes, and most of the shit you went over were just a wish list.

For quick match, make it like Local matches have more priority.



I thought the whole post was a joke, but this was the kicker.

Fix the netcode and damage scaling. Also, although everyone is more playable, the tiers still haven’t changed much. T-hawk still sucks. Give him something to thrive on.

Yeah, it’s true.

-Hitbox mode shows grab ranges(as yellow boxes?)
-Hitbox mode can be paused without menu overlapping screen(or menu can be hidden with select/back button)
-Hitboxes are more opaque

Can you watch some of your old matches in STHD? If not, you should be able to.

Damage scaling? Whats wrong with it? And as for t.hawk sucking, id like to prove you wrong on that one.

PS3: Friendly Match mode should require *both *players to confirm the next match instead of whoever mashes ‘X’ first. This means that if you want to stop playing after a match, you have to mash exit faster than the other player.

It’s weird, at least on the PS3 version. Sometimes a throw gives insane damage and other times its like it was teched (but it really wasn’t). Something is up with the damage scaling, I just cant put my finger on it.

As for T-Hawk, I dont see a lot of T-hawks online, so that’s gotta mean something about his viability as a character.

Man, I saw the thread title and thought they announced a patch or something.

Damn you OP!!!

They DID announce a patch, he’s asking what people would want to see fixed.

Is there a way we can fix the fact that, when I hit quick match looking for a few quick ranked games, I don’t have to fight any Kens or Ryus?

I actually get excited when I see ANY other character now…

like hey i want to play [put ultra low tier here] only for ranked matches ? … i want an easy win to push my rankings … :sweat:

i dont think this will happen ever and im glad this wont happen … maybe for NON ranked matches …

sigh, let you know that there’s a sub-forum about HDR.
And we already have a thread about this.

Search Function aint useless.

Le gasp! I retract my previous statement then. :tup:

This should be a must for them! No really, I was sick of it by week 2…

I guess we created the HDR subforum for nothing.