HD Remix players, what is your rank?


According to streetfighter.com, my rank is 373. At one point, my record was like 250-280, cuz I hadn’t quite figured out how to play with Boxer. But now, my record is 1075-531. So basically over my last 1000 fights, im like 800-250.

I wonder what my rank would be if I could erase those first 500 fights? :slight_smile:


If I am looking at this right I am 107


I’m actually logging onto PSN right now to create a new account, specifically for SF HD Remix. I hate that my first 500 fights have such a negative impact on my ranking. I’m hoping for a top 250 ranking on my new acct. I’ll keep people posted on my new PSN ID.


you should change the title to say HD remix?

I think im in the 200s


Done :slight_smile:

Oh, and BTW, I picked a new name. My new online ID will be SRK_BOXER.


Wait a minute here. I created a new account on PSN, so now how do I play SF HD Remix? It doesn’t show up under my games list… am I stuck with skeelo58 forever?


did you delete skeelo58? if so you wont have access to HD remix.


No I didn’t delete skeelo58. I just made another user acct on my PS3, and registered for a PSN ID on that acct. But it doesn’t allow me access to any of my downloaded games.


maybe only the owner can play? the account in which u purchased SF2


Ah that sucks.


weird. i can play hdr on all the accounts on my ps3. do you have your main account (probably the one you bought hdr with) set to log into psn automatically. i think i has to be set like that for other accounts to use it.


Yeah I have my main account set to log in automatically. I can’t be logged into 2 accounts at once though. If I sign into the new username, it signs me out of my main account.


I just created a new ID last night and able to play HDR with it. Also shows my ID too.


I would think you just create a new PSN ID like described on this page http://www.psu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157600

You could always ask DeeJayDreadKicks, or whatever he goes by now.


Well I’ll be damned. When I created my new account last night, under a separate username, none of my downloaded games would show up. But today, they all do, and I’m able to play ar SRK_BOXER. Now I can get a real rank for myself :slight_smile:


102 lol

before they patched the game i was ranked like 40000 due to the bug


Well as of right now, I’m 17-1 on my new SRK_BOXER account. A lot of scrubs on tonight I guess.


Gonna stop for a while. Good start for me. 20-1, good enough for a rank of 415. I’m hoping to be top 300 by the end of the weekend :slight_smile:


I was the 12th weeks ago, long time no see the scoreboards.


I’m ranked 648th.