HD Remix Regional 5v5 - Side Tournament Ed


There’s been a good amount of interest in seeing this tournament happen, so consider it ON! :rock:

Each region is appointed a team captain that will pick their team however they see fit. I’ll be coordinating this and working with people to make sure we have all the proper equipment and the space to run and record this thing.

Here’s the details:

Where: At Evo. Probably in the main room, but that’s TBD.
When: 7pm on Friday July 17th
Why: 'Cause SF2 kicks ass!


[]North CA - John Choi (Ryu), Graham Wolfe (Balrog), Sirlin (Fei?)
]South CA - Alex Valle (Bison?), AfroLegends (Balrog?), Watson (?)
[]North East - Damdai (Ken?), Nohoho (Blanka), Sabin (Sim), Paul Wall (Bison)
]South East - Mavrick (Bison), nothingx (Vega), MPR (Honda)
[]Northwest - Jason Cole (Dhalsim), Apoc, Julian Beasly
]Midwest - Wes Truelson (Ken), NKI (Bison), Josh the Funk Doc (Balrog), Grog (Sim), Syxx (Cammy)
[]Southwest - Sabre (Ken?)
]International - Thelo (Honda), Laugh (Bison), Psychochronic (Chun), ShinAkuma204 (Sagat), Ryan Hart (Ken)
Game Rules

[]Remix mode
]Remixed graphics / sound
[]Whatever mode Evo is using - currently 4:3
]Matches will run in Versus Mode, Speed 3, 2/3 Rounds
[]Akuma is banned
Team Rules
]Each team is made up of 5 members
[]Each player must use a single character throughout the entire tourney.
]Each team can only have one of each character. (ex. No all Bison team)
[]Players must live in the region they represent.
Match Rules
]Double elimination per team.
[]Matches are done elimination style. So, team member 1 on each team plays a single game - the winner stays. When one team is out of members, they lose.
]Teams *can *switch the order of their team members for each set.

The only major thing left to figure out is how to assemble the International team. I’d love to hear any ideas you guys have about this. Also, we’ll have to figure out who’s coming. NKI/Nohoho - do you guys have any idea who is coming from Japan? And does anyone know if any big names are coming from Europe, Australia, Canada, Mexico, etc?

If anyone objects to any of this or can think of anything that hasn’t been addressed, please bring it up!

Get HYPE! :woot:


I was just considering making this thread five minutes ago, but SweetJV beat me to it. Of course that would rock!


How would one go about trying out for a team? Also, if you have allegiance to two places, can you try out for two teams? For example, I live in Northern California, but I hail from SoCal and will move back there in a few months.


Who is in charge of organizing this one?

Is it still going to be regional? And will there still be the limits to the teams?


I am willing to help, providing there are enough systems for us to use.

totally down for this though.


It’s up to the team captains. Based on the previous talk, it sounded like some captains would use tournaments(ex. MWC) to determine the team and some had reserved some spots for known good players.

The initial rules said you had to play for whatever area you live in. So, if you live in Nor-Cal during Evo, then I’d say play for Nor-Cal. But in a gray area like this, I’m sure if the two captains are cool with you playing for So-Cal, then nobody else would mind.

I can take point on organizing it, but really I think it will be a group effort. My friend EA Megaman has some recording equipment he can bring. Cesar said he’d help out, and it looks like shoo is down to help too.

If anyone objects to me organizing it or has previously run side tournies at Evo and would like to run this one too, that’s cool with me. I just want to see this thing happen.

I figured we’d stick to the regional idea. I can’t really think of a better idea.

As far as the number of teams go, on one hand, it could be cool to have team Eurpoe, team Canada, team Mexico. But…currently there’s 8 teams, and that works well for both brackets and time. Having a lot more teams or uneven brackets could hurt things more than they help. After all, we’re going to have to run this in parrallel to other tournies now that it’d be a side event.


This is sweet Johnny (hur hur), I’m glad this is happening. Here’s to hoping Wes still wants to do this at MWC :tup:


You know I’m down homie. Let’s make it happen.


I was upset at the news of this event being replaced by SFIV, so I’d still love to see this.


Oh wow this sounds like fun!


Toss SRK wildcard and replace with international team
Laugh, Djfrijoles, Nuki, Jinrai, Yamazaki93 whoever you can rope in

Here’s where things stood for the official deal:

In parentheses imo safe to assume.

So Cal

Man didn’t Calipower make a post in the other thread? I can’t find it.

No Cal
(Jason Nelson)

Shirts is bay area right? This whole thing was his idea.


I can’t remember what Sabre wrote. Playing for #? spots at that big texas event. I like Buktooth. Joe Zaza if you throw him in the trunk and bring him to evo against his will.


LFTRPLLR was going to play for the last three spots at MWC. I like Immortal.



Justin said that he didn’t want to do it. So DSP and Damdai were co-captains. They talked about it a bit but didn’t agree on best players nor how to proceed. I like Jeron and Chris Doyle.


They had a qualifying event at Final Round. DreamTR was going to play for 2(?) spots in Tennessee I think. I like Ganelon but it isn’t clear if Maryland is southeast.


dj frijoles is my hero

also: if, for whatever reason this doesnt happen. Would people wanna go for a side team tournament?


that might be pretty cool too.

edit2: why not both?! buahaha


im down for hd 5on5 side. If I just hand picked 4 players and assumed they all went to evo, it would be:

Jason Nelson
Giga-msx(joe zaza)


Sup Sir,

I’ve lived in So. Cal my whole life.



Johhny you know im down and how much i love this game im willing to bring systems and do watever it takes to make it happen it was fun playing this weekend!!!

oh yea is watson playing hd remix i havent really heard anything i just know it was valle and afro already on the team.

Also i will be Hosting Hd Remix RanBats at Denjin starting this following weekend to get people ready for Devastion in Arizona, Evolution, and the team tournament for anypeople trying out for the socal spots!!!

Lets Get This Hyped Up!!!


I’m still down for this. At EVO I don’t plan on entering HDR at all, but I’ll do the 5 on 5…I am just there for SFIV and to see all the old cats I have not seen in years, and honestly, I want to witness 600 man SFIV tourney in person…


Good shit, guys! Make it happen!!



Let’s do this!! :tup:


heh, what a save for the game, good looking out though


Sooo… what’s going down for SRK Wildcard / International team? Did the old tourney have anyone in it?