HD Remix same character 3v3 tournament


I know this is a late notice guys but i am sorry i cannot hold the tournament tonight because my dad has gotten really sick and i cannot make it tonight i am so sorry but u guys can have the decision what day u guys want it from this thurday on u guys can chose the date and i will make it happen i am sorry yet again guys forgive me please=(


So yet again the people of PSN HD Remix have spoken and came up with another great tournament design. A 3v3 same character tournament to see who is the dominate character in the game. The rules and such will pretty much be the same as the normal 3v3 tournament ill still post them on her though so do not worry. So if you think you are the top 3 with your guy and can bring your character and team to victory this is the tournament for you!

Date- January 14th, 2010
Time- 11 Pm Eastern, 10 Pm Mountain, 9 Pm Central, 8 pm Pacific
Style- 3v3 Same Character-Single Elimination-One game best of 5 rounds

Rules And Such- Please READ!!!

Ok well The rules are pretty much simple and the same as always except you are obv. picking the same character. Now this is how it works every character will have three people using them. It will be one game best of 5 rounds each game just like the 3v3 tournament winner stays in until defeated. There are obviously gunna be alot of ryus kens and such so in order to pick i will only let the first 3 people who sign up join! Im sorry its only fair! Now it is only single elimination so if you lose thats it your character is finished as well as your team. If you lose the round but your team succesfully defeats the other team you come back into the next game. The only way you lose is if your whole team is eliminated.

I do not expect all the characters to be picked…i would like it cuz there is 16 characters and there will be no byes but i dont expect t.hawk cammy and them to be picked if they are great but i really do not want any byes=/ so lets try to provoke that if everyone can try and like promote this it would be great. Like if you are playing SB or something and you see someone really well playing and that character needs someone ask them please that would be a great help!

Chat room- There will be 2 chat rooms beacause there will be soo many people ( More than 16) i will be in both and i will randomize the bracket…Im sorry if its like Vega Vs E.Honda and its a total kill its randomized =/

There will be no AKUMA TEAM!
No Turbo or Turbo Users
ping above 125

I will only be taking the first 3 people who sign up per character so everyone try to bring your character to victory!!:woot:

The Characters:


  1. Had0-KING
  2. flako2nd
  3. RoyalPhlush



  1. MisterEgoTrip
  2. JewelMan_
  3. RenoMD


  1. RugalBernstein


  1. tecmosuperbowl
  2. True_Old_School
  3. hbk1231


  2. Moneyxoing
  3. Str8crazy87


  1. GNX84
  2. NipulHerr
  3. JinJah16


  1. runuts82
  2. djmassif


  1. Welcome2Troyland
  2. HalfroHalfamazin?
  3. pacloc



  1. Vegas_HunnyBunny
  2. Hadouken696969
  3. blueblood12

Fei Long:

  1. Rice247
  3. ZkuneDo


  1. Gidoza


  1. IronDD
  2. Broken_Kira



  1. GeoSrk


This actually sounds fun. Sign Darth Simicus up please.


troy is that you or? IS that a PSN?


If I could be on a team with True_Old_School and Marsgatti that would be the highlight of 2010 for me!


GNX reporting for duty

where my fellow chunners at !?! Nipul, jinjah lets do this!


At your command, sir!


noooooo. I work Thursday nights


Sounds like a bad idea. Definitely not signing up for this one…


Ain’t No Party like a Sumo Party!!!

Hey, I’m down if RenoMD and Mad Possum want to assert supreme fatness all over everyone candy a$$e$!!! :nunchuck:

But on the real, you guys should spread these tourneys apart like have weekly events, different theme.


Yeah that’s me man. I call my Dhalsim…Darth Simicus. I know it’s geeky but I like it.

So yes Welcome2Troyland is in.

Also the other reason why this is cool is basically you make a 6 man room and everyone can technically learn things by watching thier team mates and opponents. AGain I love this idea. Cant wait. And Ego you are right. These are the cool little changes for tourneys that make wanting to play every week. Good job on keeping the scene alive guys.


Put my Ryu down!


Thursday, eh? Sign me up for Team Deejay…for now. Thursdays I’m usually busy, but we’ll see if I can work something out.


I’m down for Dictator.


no i have moved the tourny to the following tuesday because this tuesday is the east vs west battle…the following tuesday will be this tournament=)…ohh and btw i have to find 2 vegas sliphole wont be here for me=((((((((


where do i fit in guys let me no who team ya want me to be in


Hadou, let’s get it IN! Had0 bros. ftw, lol


Sign me up for Blanka


There’s Moonchilde and you should probably look up Blueblood. You three would be a pretty nasty combo.



Ok, I better see KAO and ryoji with me for some team Fei goodness.


Put me down for Balrog