HD Remix shoryuken spam?


anyone know how to deal with shoryuken spam? i usually play as balrog and cant get in any dash punches because some scrub will spam 3-4 shoryukens in a row.


Just try to hit them out of the air.


Try baiting and punishing.


I’m a Rog player, and more often than not, I usually wait and see how many shoryus they throw out on average, and once I get the timing down, I dash punch them when they’re in the middle of recovering.

It’s not aggressive per se, but at least it gets you inside where you’re able to apply some pressure. Take it slow when you see them spamming lp. srk. and punish when the opportunity presents itself. Also, like just_prime below me said, fuck with his mind. Back up a little ways and throw out light dash punches that won’t reach, but will make him throw out shoryus on reaction. Stay away on wakeups as well, unless you’re really, really sure you can stuff it, because if they spam shoryus, you can sure as hell bet that they’re going to reversal shoryu/ultra on wakeup if you’re right next to them. But being next to them is an excellent bait and punish technique in itself as well–just don’t get thrown in the process.

That aside, this should really be in the HD Remix sub-forum. But that’s another matter.


Be patient. Just cause Balrog’s “aaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!” sounds really cool doesn’t mean you have to do it every second. Mess with his mind. You could just stand there while he does all that random shit and when he realizes that you aint falling for it, beat his ass. Seriously, its pretty simple.



ha that made me laugh. didnt know there was a hd remix sub-forum. forums are hard to navigate for someone new like me. yea i was thinking of doing some safe jumps on wake up as a good way to bait


Use Cyrax’s net attack, the dp can’t go through it.


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How about everytime they say “shoryuken” just yell back “No Ryu Can’t”, stops dp’s like a charm dood :tup:




thanks all for your input. :china:


It’s ST, even Ken can’t do this shit without getting destroyed. Maybe you’re just getting read too badly.