HD Remix Stats Question!


Need explanation for all of these stats, found over at hdremixstats.com:

  1. Fight data total. What does the ratio represent?
  2. FalSkill MU/Sigma
  3. Fightdata insert character

Thank you!

  1. “Wins:losses:ties” from both scoreboard (Win Loss) & friendly (Fight Data) matches.

  2. Check out the TrueSkill formula. Basically, mu is skill (higher is better) and sigma is confidence in that mu (lower is more confident). More wins against good opponents raise mu. More matches and consistency at that mu level lower sigma.

  3. Win Loss = scoreboard performance when playing as that character. Fight Data = friendly performance when playing as that character.


Ok, this brings about more questions!

  1. Are the W-L-Tie numbers a ratio or the actual record? My fightdata with Cammy says I’m 23-4, but I probably play that many matches in ONE given night, lol. Same with Vega, I’m 81-15 but I know I’ve played more matches with him.

  2. If my FalSkill is 30.58 and my Sigma is 1, that means?

Thanks, bro!


I believe all these stats all only include ranked matches stats. I am pretty sure that NO friendly matches are included in any of these figures.

I reckon:

Win:Loss Character = Your actual match win/losses with that character in Ranked Matches. This appears to be accurate for me.

Fight Data Character & Fight Data Total = appears to be utter nonsense stats for me as well, but one thing I am certain of is that it does not count player matches at all, otherwise these figures would be massively higher for both myself and Noriega. At first I thought these was rounds win/loss/drawn with characters, but that doesn’t make sense either. I cannot match these figures to anything clear cut; they don’t even match up accurately with the Win:Loss rates.

My FalSkill is 38.44 (this is out of a maximum of 50 btw), as Ganelon says this is your ‘TrueSkill’ rating behind the scenes of your ranked rating.
My FalSkill sigma is 0.45 … this means it has pretty high confidence that my TrueSkill rating is accurate. As I’ve played 509 matches in ranked match, that seems pretty likely TrueSkill results for me.

You can see your sigma is much higher (less confidence) because you’ve only played 216 games in ranked.


Actually I think Fight Data is most likely:

Rounds Won by Normal Move : Rounds Won by Super Finish : Rounds won by Perfect

Only in Ranked Matches though. And you’ll see the total of these is probably less than 3 times your total number of Match Wins, thanks to people quitting :slight_smile:


And if Ranked Match was actually playable from the UK and could be filtered/blocked on ping times, I’d frigging LOVE these stats and play tons of ranked even today… But I just grew really tired of waiting for 20 mins to get a decent ping game to join, or host a match and get some laggy idiot joining me, so I gave up with Ranked Match… Like many things with HDR - these stats are some of the very best out there in all of gaming, yet it’s SO close to being utterly amazing and perfect, it’s damn frustrating Capcom didn’t put that little bit more effort in. Grrr.