HD Remix Strategy Guide and Move Listing


Looks good so far. Skimmed a few characters, only have a few comments for Balrog:

Balrog has two versions of Rush Upper, and only one is listed. Back to forward + kick is different than back to down-forward + kick. The latter is better: it knocks down (back to forward doesn’t), it still works as distant anti-air like the back to forward version, and most importantly it lets you keep down charge for headbutt. This gives Balrog a mixup between whiff back to down-forward + kick into either immediate throw or headbutt to stuff throw reversal attempts. Balrog’s section should also note that he can keep rush charged while using headbutts (use down-back to up-back for headbutt, never release back) and vice-versa (do rush with down-back to down-forward, never releasing down). Worth noting this lets him do whiffed headbutt into super. Not the same principle but another super trick, he can do a short rush into super by making it all one motion (back to forward + short, back to forward + piano punches, all very quickly, and here is where you actually want back to forward + kick rush over back to down-forward so you don’t knock them down accidentally and then waste the super).


Thanks for the notes here. I added them into this guide.


I also gave you credit down on the bottom.

The Balrog guide still needs beefing up, but it’s better than it was.


thank you very muhc. this should be at the top of the fourm. excellent stuff.


Thanks, I appreciated it. However, pretty much everything I have said is well known, so it is not needed. I have learned it from other users’ posts, such as fatboy, NKI and NH2, who have either posted such things or provided those ST website links in the ST section of SRK. Thus, I think a link to NKI’s translation of T. Akiba’s SF2 frame data would be enough, as that’s where I got the information. I’ve just cared to read the whole guide and point out what was still not right.


We’ve made heavy revisions to Dee Jay’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix strategy guide on EventHubs.com.


Inside you’ll find detailed instructions on how to use Dee Jay’s moves, combo listings and strategies.

There’s also a page devoted to specific match ups against characters.



Thanks a lot bro , this is great for newbs like myself .:lovin:


^ Same with me.

Thanks for the link. It’s very helpful, especially for a noob like me. lol


catalyst_nc. PLZ make a character matchup section for gief. there isnt much out there (besides the gief thread) on his matchups. ino its just spd all the time but i need help knowing his matchups and what works (ex. jump ins or lariat) agaisnt certain opponents. i would greatly appreciate it


nice link wp


does anyone know of a stragety guide online that does a good job of listing techniques based on matchups?


A i sent that FR like long time ago man


Hey, thanks for making this it’s been super helpful


I think what I need the most right now in fighting games is discipline. I need better focus, precision and a good attitude. I lose sight of those at times and that’s my downfall.


Yeah that happens. I get frustrated sometimes because I put in a lot of effort into trying to learn Boxer and there are still match ups that completely destroy me even though they should only be a 4-6 at worse. Sometimes it’s good to just take a break and do or play something that’s easier to give yourself a break from all the stress that competitive gaming induces. I can’t tell you how many times I opted to play an RPG in stead of HDR because I know if I lose at an RPG, all I need to do is level up for a bit and try again.


I tried to do a bit of this on my old guide at Streetfighter Guide - the Ultimate Streetfighter FAQ for Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

It’s not complete though - which characters were you looking for in particular?


Ken’s hadoukens are not low on damage. The fierce version is the most damaging projectile in the game. Others are on par with Ryu’s hadoukens.


Not sure if you’ve seen this link yet: SRK HDR Wikipedia. This was started by blitzfu, then later other knowledgeable players from the HDR community began to contribute as well. The aim, was to give HDR players or anyone interested in learning the game a one-stop shop to get all the latest information you need to understand the basic principle of the game. As oppose to, well this site said this, or this one was outdated, or I can’t find the answer I need in the forum, etc., etc.

Even though, it’s still a work in progress. I would say this is by far is the most resourceful and up-to-date information available anywhere for HDR. Definitely requires the need for contribution to fill-in any missing content where needed.


Agreed with Ego, the HDR Wiki is really shaping up into something very cool and useful. Ego you should get a Wiki account and make it even better than it is. I remember you had some awesome ideas for the Wiki. :tup:


I’ll have to add that link to my Streetfighter Portal Streetfighter Homepage

I think I looked at it waaaaaaaaay back, but it seems to have been expanded significantly!


Well I’ve changed the Shoryken Wiki link so it goes direct to the HD Remix part.

Has anyone got any other good suggestions for SSF2 HD REMIX information I can link from there?