HD Remix Streams?

I haven’t caught EVO at all since it started, just been a bit busy.

Started checking up on what I’ve been missing, but could only find a select few of matches. (Old boy throwing his stick, J. Wong not making top 8.)

Anyways, have HD Remix streams started yet? 'Cause I’ll be honest, it’s really the only game I’m interested in. Thanks guys.

Let me know if you find something, I’m looking for the same thing. There is one match floating on Youtube of EA v. Axel K. That’s it so far :frowning:

I thought I answer this question for you on the other thread where you asked…HDR is running a lil late but that’s all good. It should be up now…8PM (EST) / 5PM (PST).

EVO 2010 results, live stream and photos : News : EventHubs.com

You did, I was just hoping for something where I don’t have to scroll through the whole stream :smiley: (I’m impatient!).